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1/2/3 Sub Days Tokens

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - September 03, 2019, 10:49:23

Good morning.

Please, feature more often 1/ 2/ 3 Sub Days Tokens, especially during events, like Dungeon Rushers, for those friends of ours who might be busy irl at the time so a longer sub aint justified for them at that time, in terms of being able to take full advantage of a longer sub.

Make it, like purses of various amounts of 1/ 2/ 3 Sub Days Tokens? That, ofc, have to be able to be activated at will, not auto activate.

Also, please make it possible for those Tokens to be purchased then gifted to friends, towards the phase of  completing the purchase (, or even after, from our account, or from inventory, or to be able to trigger them while pointing at someone ...)

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I'd like to be able to gift stuff to friends from the origine/irl money shop. Please make this an option biggrin

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There is an option, for stuff bought with Ogrine , to gift items to friends, towards the end of the transaction, but:

  • - at times, it is bugged: either the search by (forums) acc name, or ig name (and server), or sometime even both, do not work properly (as in, show all kinds of results, but not the person you are looking for);
  • - you can not gift sub to anyone;
  • - some (or all? not sure on this one?) of the things bought with irl money can not be gifted from the purchasing interface.

It would be great to be able to gift sub too, ofc.
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