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Professions levels obtained on a character, available throughout all characters on same account on same server

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - September 03, 2019, 11:53:41

It would be nice if Ankama would take into account the possibility of making available the profession levels of a character, on all characters on the same server from that account.
I mean, what's the point of leveling again the professions, on the same server, on the same account?
It would be pretty convenient if max lev achieved on a profession would become max lev on that profession for all characters from that account on that server. This way, players won't have to keep switching chars for quick crafts. Plus, none would have to loose from it, it would only benefit players.

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Absolutely against it. The characters are independent personalities. Just because my brother is a doctor, I can not do surgery automatically.

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Yep, but you have common DNA.
You could consider professions as part of DNA, for that kind of role playing.

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Why not. Every QoL changes would add to playerbase enjoyment. Switching character to craft adds unnecessary stress to players. +1 Supported

Ankama removed temple dopple rewards and rare dofus drop because they do not encourage repetitive activity yet they want players to repeat leveling profession for every character in one account. If they stand by their conviction then they should make professions be account wide.

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Yeah. +1

I do not like to stay with one character (got 3 at level 200 on Ily) because of achievements and profs. They did something similar to achievements regarding the drop (If I'm not wrong), they could just base everything on account instead of character, since they encourage you to play multiple characters to fit what you want/need (xp multiplier). 

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