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[Quest] An Eternal Harvest

By Xxx-anti-xxX - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 10, 2019, 09:29:04


Here is a very important proposal  concerning the Ocher Dofus Quest
I know in advance that my proposal will not please those who have the job of hunting Arches all day to make money.

Recently several people are chasing the arches to sell them, but in return and because of this activity, the players who make the quest have found themselves stuck on the stages of the arch-monsters, moreover the prices of the arch-monsters are worth expensive and most don't have the means to buy them.

my proposal to add the impossibility of capturing the arches to those who have not reached the stage of the arches on the quest in question, and at the same time prevent the Archis from repopying in the access zones that the controlling alliance


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Your suggestion will negatively impact entrepreneurs. 
With your suggestion, you will be forcing players to search those arch themselves which might make the quest harder than it already is, because they won't have the option of simply buying them from others (or at the very least there will be less available in the market making the price go up even more due to law of supply and demand).

And alliance system might take a hit if owning territory become less important because you will be removing arch from those areas.

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Collecting arches in step order is the worst possible way to do it. You block yourself on the one step only because you miss one soul. Instead try to make a list of every single arch (there are plenty if you google for them or I can send you a one). That way you can check many territories and collect many other arches instead of farming and checking only for the ones from current step.

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How about making the respawn time a little bit relative to the souling rate that way soul stones will get cheaper as more of them fill the store, this will keep the price and the difficulty of getting the souls  more stable. 

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