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By Giorgi-Giorgi-123 - SUBSCRIBER - September 26, 2019, 20:13:22

Hello. I apologize for bad editing skills rolleyes

1. So basically, what I am suggesting is already a thing on Dofus launcher (Ctrl+[1-8]). Why not add this feature on Ankama Launcher too.

2. Who play multiple accounts daily, why not give them option to have little drop-down menu to always have their desired number of clients launched always set on some number (so that they don't have to click ctrl+4 every day). (Marked with #6 in second image) (We choose number from 1-8 in drop-down menu, and then when clicked on "Play" it launches chosen number of windows).

3. Who play beta and actual version - it's not so easy to change between versions each time. Give us option to have all versions added on the bottom half on the left side. There is plenty of room for that. (Marked with #8)

4. Add Social Media official links or news from them, so we can track ongoing events (giveaways) from lanucher. (#3)

5. There is already news on top of launcher window (#1) so why is there also (#7)? Instead just let us enjoy the artwork of current version.

6. (#5) > (#4) I think shop deserves better place to be seen on top.

7. Forums moved from (#6) to (#2).

How it looks right now:

How I would like it to be:
Edit: fixed typos
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The multiple instanced launched at once is already possible, or it used to be with the first iteration of ankama launcher? Have not tested this in a while.

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I just tested it and it has indeed been removed. Please bring this back smile

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