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By LightBurn - SUBSCRIBER - September 29, 2019, 11:43:48


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No they most certainly were not the best days! Early 2.0 was straight terrible, and caused a large portion of the community at the time to leave. It was filled with glitches, half-realized updates from the old engine, poor artistic choices like Dragoturkeys, and more... It took multiple years for Ankama to get 2.x development under control. Today's updates are pretty solid and are managing to keep the game alive after all of these years.

You are right in that 1.29 was super broken and outdated. That's why they updated the client to 1.30 and fixed certain bugs, added QoL changes, and opened new servers per popular demand. The results are pretty clear, and this was the exact nostalgia people were looking for. Antique graphics, simple gameplay. Even the horrible queues are an authentic 1.x experience.

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InuzukaKiba|2019-09-29 14:51:40
Even the horrible queues are an authentic 1.x experience.


Except that back then the queues were for the f2p players and now that Retro requires p2p it's for everyone. Other than that, this is spot on!
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Oh god no. I remember when 1.0 transitioned to 2.0 right off the bat, and it was god awful. Everything looked trashy, and the game was barely playable. I actually quit when it happened, only came back when the game was actually decent.

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