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Can we do something about Incarnations?

By CoolRay - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 30, 2019, 05:41:52

There isn't really a reason to use them aside from role-playing which almost no one does. 

I suggest that Incarnations get overhauled and either:
-Become much stronger
-Turn them all into Sidekicks, then overhaul Sidekicks

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I propose a separate Koloseum class of naked except for an incarnation. Characters can be scrolled, but all other gear will automatically be removed once in Kolo. We sometimes used to play this way in pvp challenges on Aermyne many years ago. I have all but maybe five or six maxed incarnation weapons still, and would liked to use them as well.

Another use of incarnations would be if characters needed to sneak during quests, similar to wearing the Wa Wabbit set during the Cawwot Dofus achievement. I think most major monster groups are already covered in the array of incarnations, which total about 40 now. As well, there are appearance changing potions that could be made to add incarnation-like abilities temporarily; there are already dozens or hundreds of such potions (some are used in Almanax quests already BTW).

You are correct, we need to make these things active.

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I bet you have not done the hard Dofus questlines...
There are some solo fights that depending on the class they are not possible without either changing class or using an incantation weapon. The fights are just impossible for some classes.

Therefore incantation weapons a the cheap/fast solution from Ankama to quest balancing. Instead of balancing the fights they just make it a hard or tedious fight for some classes and impossible for the rest so that you have to figure it out with an incantation weapon. Crocoburio, Captain Chafer, Ganymede might be good examples here.

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I like the idea of turning Incarnations into Sidekicks. The sidekick system seems to have been forgotten about ever since it was created. When was the last time we got a new sidekick?

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