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3 Suggestions for the 1.29-Servers

By Drakenzus - SUBSCRIBER - September 30, 2019, 17:26:45

First of all, I have to thank Ankama, that they finally installed some servers of the good-old-days with Version 1.29.
These were (at least in my opinion) the days, when the community grew and were at the top in numbers. (Compared with today, e.g. the german community becomes very very very small.)
It took "only" Ankama 10 years to follow the suggestions of many players that wants "their" Dofus (which was Version 1.29) back... maybe that some (like myself) players are coming back, but since that long time is gone, there will be very less of them, than if this decision would have been made 5-7 years before.
Moreover, I found the "commercial" for the 1.29-Server a very strange one...
But enough of that.

I'm aware, that officially the 1.29-Servers are not supported. But nevertheless there are 2-3 points that are very bad and that has not only to do with the version.

a, Language of "international" servers: I visited 2 of the Retro-Servers (Dropiks and Hogmeiser) and found a very large community which is very much fun. NOT funny is, that the "international" language, which was spoken was always french. I wasn't aware, that french is the official language on international Servers. If it is so, I think I have to quit my Abo immediately.
On the Forum here I read, that the international language should be English... but non-english is on that servers in all of the channels.
Because of this, either Ankama can force the english language in every channel (which now is a little late and maybe almost impossible) or at least, Ankama should install the community-channels at the 1.29-Servers, too.

b, Queue: Today I was able to immediately get into the game. GREAT job!
Yesterday, there was a queue with 2400+ to get on the Server Dropiks. I know, that there is a very large community on the server, but since I was told that most of the German players are on this server, I had no other choice than go to this server.
Moreover, there was a bug, that causes the client sometimes to crash after choosing the character that should receive the pet from the subscription... through wich you were AGAIN in the queue...
Please fix this.

c, Quests: Third thing is something, that was suggested a very long time ago (think of 15 years). Could you be so kind to get a button to every quests to abort a quest? Should not be a very much effort for the programmer team, but would be a very good thing for the players.

d, Bots: Please be aware, that there are also Bots on the 1.29-Servers. Since they are alle P2P it should hurt the owner to ban them permanently. And yes, these were bots, since I cannot imagine on players that join a fight in 1 second with 8 characters, running almost the same way... and many more.

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Seems that the kama-sellers are back in good old Dofus... ok, that belongs to the retro-feeling, i have to admit. (Nevertheless I can never understand, why people wants to cheat within a online-game, but that is another topic).

Moreover, the bots are at a higher level than in former days.
If someone of ankama wants to ban some of the (all paid!!!) bot-accounts permanently, just go on hunt inside the tofu-dungeon. Guess, this would hurt them.
Screenshot is not available through the circumstance, that you can not even see them by your eyes, if they open and close the fight and make it impossible to view the fight.
And I'm not sure, if anyone will look after them, since Ankama posted within their (Anti-)"commercial" for Dofus Retro that there will be no support.

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