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The Eternal Harvest

By Blue-Hue-Zero - SUBSCRIBER - October 18, 2019, 19:30:21
  • Okay Ankama, now that you're wrapped up with the Vulbis Dofus quest line I think it's time to review the current state of the Eternal Harvest. Which in my opinion is outdated and absurd.
  • In its current state, as a person who plays a full team I am required to harvest 2,288 Archmonsters on a 0 to random hour respawn rate across thousands of maps... This is frankly ridiculous. Yes I am aware that I can purchase them. Yes I am currently attempting to. No I wont repeat some of the messages I have received when asking people to review my list to see if they have any of the souls I require.
  • I've done some digging and I can see this is an incredibly touchy subject for a number of people.
  • The poor “souls” that have had to complete this quest are avid that the quest must remain the way it is and changing it would be an insult to them. I can understand their frustration as I am currently at an unmentionable number of hours myself. This doesn't mean to say that change shouldn't happen, it just has to be the rite change.
  • During my digging I came across a suggestion that said an Archmonster should always be present somewhere. I think this is absolutely the solution, “but”. I'm assuming you haven't done it already because this would mean people would farm the life out of the monsters crashing the value and the sense of accomplishment for the quest.
  • This is where my suggestion comes in.
  • I suggest you make the Eternal Harvest monster souls a quest item. Remove the trade ability of Archmonster soul stones and design it so that the player has to fight the monster in question in order to progress to the next step. Otomai would give the character a unique soul stone that would house all the necessary monsters for that step. The player would then have to hunt down all the individual monsters and soul them for themselves.
  • Once Again noting that all Archmonsters are somewhere at all times.
  • This allows for a few things to happen.
  • Each player would have their own unique soul stone equipped.
  • All players who cast soul capture towards the end of the battle providing they succeed would receive their unique quest soulstone updated.
  • This would allow for a team of players to simultaneously complete the quest while keeping the Eternal aspect and making it progressed based, rather than everything is random don't even bother.
  • Eternal Harvest soul capturing wouldn't interfere with anyone who was trying to soul the fight with a regular soulstone, provided they were the only one attempting to capture the fight, working as intended.
  • As a side point this unique soulstone would also be useless in the Bont and Brak arena.
  • Players couldn't update their Eternal Harvest soulstone in a regular soulstone fight.
  • Changing the Eternal Harvest to this system would allow you to quickly revamp the questline to more closely align with the current version of Dofus and evaluate a more appropriate progression rather than, Randy McRandface.

Thanks for reading.

You can follow my current Eternal Harvest progress at:

Continuing on with this ridiculous quest I've come across an even more outrageous requirement. Not only is this quest gated by thousands of random variables it's also gated by nepotism.

Here I am trying to soul an Archmonster in the Zoth Village only to find out “my alliance doesn't own this sub-area”. How on earth is this quest even accepted by the community?

I'm going to post this picture and see how this unfolds deciding my future with Dofus. Looking forward to a clear response on the actual decision of the matter of possible change.

Thanks for reading. 
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Hate to break it to you but the socializer in this game would not want you to play the game by yourself. According to them, you are supposed to interact with other players thru trading and befriending others who are in possession of souls. You are not supposed to complete that quest on your own without trading with others otherwise you will have a hard time completing that quest. Such is the belief of socializers who insist that MMO means that you have to play with others (despite multiple explanation that MMO actually is not about playing with others). Unfortunately, Ankama only caters to socializers, as evident with most of their recent updates (mono-account servers, removal of soloable daily quest rewards like temple dopple quest etc etc etc). 

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Okay, as you can read from my suggestion both perspectives give an anti-social return. From my perspective regardless of how many accounts anyone plays, this is a selfish quest. I've only been doing this quest a little over a week now and the only people that have responded to my trade chat posts have been incredibly rude with no intention of selling any souls. I've received no response on my merchant post other than one person whispering me to criticise the list. Everything I have gained related to this quest up to this point I have achieved myself but it is not for lack of trying. My suggestion was fully intended to encourage the social aspect of the game and I'd dare bet it would increase the social aspect of this quest tenfold. An example of this would be people using the recruitment chat to find the position of an Archmonster just as they do to find the location of a dimension portal or bounty monster. My suggestion is completely open to cherry picking, heck make every Archmonster a demi-boss so that players have to team up to progress their quest which would make use of the quest synergy suggestion I suggested. At the end of the day my point was specifically about how selfish this quest was and wanted to draw attention to it.

I have to say I disagree with your speculation that Ankama are only catering to mono-accounters. I'd argue that the reason they created the mono-account servers was simply because there was a demand. It is absolutely in Ankamas best interests to cater for both and until they out rite say we do not want people using multiple accounts, I'll not think otherwise. The removal of the daily dopple quests were probably because of abuse and bad design.

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Blue-Hue-Zero|2019-10-21 15:02:35
I have to say I disagree with your speculation that Ankama are only catering to mono-accounters. 

I never said mono accounter.... I am a mono accounter. Mono account server is only one of the update that promote socializer gameplay. Yes there is a demand for mono account server from players who believes that MMO is supposed to be played with others ergo socializer driven demands.

But yes, I guess I have to say that I will agree to disagree.
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Yes my apologies the way you worded it seemed like you were saying socializers are only mono-account players in the eyes of Ankama. You were actually saying you think Ankamas recent updates are to cater to what you associate social updates to be which included the mono-account servers, my mistake. It's okay as I said above the suggestion is very much taking into consideration the social aspect of the game.

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