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Quality of Life suggestions

By trilkgh - SUBSCRIBER - November 15, 2019, 22:11:59

Hiyo! I just had a few thoughts about some QoL features that could be useful.

I recently went through my bank to clear up some space, and when I got to the bag of resources tab, I tried to press Ctrl + Double Click to open them all at ones instead of having to right click > multiple use > all > enter. It didn't work, but that would save a lot of time.

Second one is for multiaccounters; It'd be nifty to be able to swap through your Dofus clients via hotkeys without having to use things such as AHK, or Alt Tabbing. 

Last one is for a shortcut that shows you which resources are on the map, and how many stars they have. Basically as if you hovered your mouse over them. I know there's one that highlights all of the interactable things on the map if you press L (? I don't have that one as default), but if you're hunting resources it could save you some time to see if the one you're hunting is on the map instead of looking through all of the highlightable ones.

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Use AutoHotkey, it's safe and best QoL program smile

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