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Some way to get dofus data

By anakin1527 - SUBSCRIBER - November 25, 2019, 08:15:20

Hey, me and my friend would LOVE to make a cool-looking site to build sets or maybe do various other stuff. But as we quickly noticed, there's no way to get our hands on the game data in an easy way. I'm just wondering, is there a way we can just get the data? Is there really not an API? The community is surely so excited to build amazing things for the game, if they just had the resources for it...

I would love to hear any updates about this! smile

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I highly doubt it there is an official API for this. The web pages from the encyclopedia are rendered server side. A way to still get the data is to apply webscraping, but that is far from ideal most of the time (and usually not allowed because it increases server load in a short period of time).

I gave dofusbook a quick look and saw that their site makes callbacks to their own API to retrieve item information, so maybe you can try to understand theirs.

I also had ideas in the past to tailor some services for the community. Having an open webapi would be a great plus.

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as for me best is dofusbook,
u have everything here, set-builder and even u can get list of mats what u need to craft set, also look-creator, dmg calculator. it works great for me

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