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Avoid the game from dying even more

By Queenslayers - SUBSCRIBER - December 11, 2019, 13:25:31


Lately the game is a bit dying since there are a lot of reasons to quit the game. I will discribe a few.
- Looks
There hasnt been any adjustments on how the chars look, a lot of classes havent been changed appearence and people say that even habbo hotel has better looks, just saying.
Also there could be some more movement in the game itself, if you go to a map where no people are there wont move anything besides the monsters if you are lucky, and the spell animations aint that great so they could have some improvements as well. Due to this I know some people will disable the spell anymation cause they dont have enough time to do entire turn but I dont mind if my fight takes a bit longer if I get more playtime/turn.
- Content
Basicly all new content is lvl 200, Which is fine by me since I got maxed out team but for people that dont have max team it would be nice if there will be mid lvl, low lvl and high lvl content. 
- Class revamps
A lot of class revamps came lately, if you are trying a new class it doesnt matter if it changes but for example if u have been playing an elio or smth for over a year u got your own playstyle, but when a revamp comes u need to get a new playstyle which is fine if it happens like once every 2 years, but if u need to get a new playstyle every 2/3 months it gets anoying since u need a new playstyle, a new set etc etc.
- Markets
This brings me to the new factor, the markets.
When im trying to sell items its a lot harder lately and I wonder when it will be impossible to sell my items. This is happening cause of the decresing amount of players and every body leaving echo to head over to ily server or the retro servers. I dont know if its possible but I think it is, since i've been playing a lot of other games I think maybe it is an idea to globalise the markets. If im going for a pvp fight for example its hard to find people with the same exo mages, in the entire echo comunity there are only 3% resistance exo mages and lets say a total of ten 4% resistance exo mages, while if im playing against people of french servers there are a lot of 4% exo mages and sometimes even 5% exo mages. Now this makes me wondering if it is possible to globalise the markets so that when I place something in the markets people from other servers van buy it and I can buy items from other servers as well, this makes the markets a way better place to sell items since there is a 2% sale fee for the markets but a lot of items dont sell cause of the low amount of players on echo and then we have to place it in market again in the hope that it sells.

There are also some other things I would love to see which dont make the game dying if not changed but would just be a nice adjustment. I asked some people what they thought would be nice improvements.
- Sidekicks
Lets say that u are considering to get a new sidekick but you dont know what its attack are, it would be nice to have a place where u can check it without actually owning the sidekick. Now I know that there is a place where u can check the sidekicks ingame but I dont know if the attacks are also in there.
- Questfights
I had a couple people mentioning that specific area's aren't accesable for people that aren't on the exact same step, this occured on an ohwymi quest where someone needs help but he can't get it cause the area locks out everybody that aint on the same step, so make the fight a solo fight and decrese the difficulty or make the area accesable.
- Characteristics
There are some adjustments I would love to see ingame considering the characteristics. This is cause for example strength gives a pods bonus but no bonus in fight, while if you take agility it increases dodge and lock. So that makes it better head to agility instead of strenght considering that strenght doesnt give an in fight adjustment. Same for intelligence, it gives in fight heals but nothing outside the fight, and if you take chance you get prospecting but thats only handy if you need to drop something, but besides dropping items it doesnt give any bonus which makes it better to go intelligence.
Now I can tell you that it is better to make it an inside buff and outside buff but that only makes sense if I can give some idea's of what to make from it, so here is an idea what you can do:
Agility: Makes you move faster outside the fight, Increases dodge and lock inside the fight.
Intelligence: Makes you regain vitality faster outside the fight, Increases heals inside the fight.
Chance: Increases prospecting(since its more of an outside fight buff), Increases the chance of removing ap and mp.
Wisdom: Increases experience points gained a bit more but thats all it does.
Is it really needed to cut us of the servers every single week to do a maintenance? Mby do it once every 2 weeks or even once every month? The maintenance consumes 12+ hours of gaming time of the dofus players every months but we aint getting any compensation for it. Mayby something u can try.

Greetings from your guy Excellence


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Great post.

Areas that require multiple people to enter are the worst. Every single time you go past the wabbit quest area where you are supposed to stand on tic-tac-toe squares, at least one player will be waiting and hoping other people would come assist him/her. I wouldn't call that good game design. Dofus should be made more accessible for solo players as well.

Also, in crowded servers, bounty monsters are super rare. They respawn 6-18 hours after they are killed which means you will never see them. It's hard to even call them content at this point.

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