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Dofus growth

By superbestofwar - SUBSCRIBER - December 13, 2019, 00:35:21

I've noticed a trend recently, It seems as though the majority of players in my server (Echo) are old players, essentially players who've played for 4+ yrs and while dofus has a great return rate of new players the main issues still exist. Communities steadily die without game exposure, advertizing the game in English markets is necessary if we want new players. One example of a good exposure campaign for English markets was when dofus was on Miniclip, it allowed for people to freshly discover the game, and it was part of a larger site. Currently dofus has Steam integration, which was an amazing step, However the main issue, an issue that wakfu doesn't have is that the game feels like a demo for new players.. Dofus should have a similar system to World of Warcraft where the game is free/open until you reach higher levels and areas. Pets and haven bags being paid are expected as they are cosmetic items but integral features of the game should not be this restricted to new players, currently the new player experience is akin to playing a dlc, sure its a bit fun, but you still want to play the real game. 

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