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[ Tactical mode ] how i want it

By tisrock#4594 - SUBSCRIBER - December 20, 2019, 23:12:33
Could an alternative tactical mode look like this?
And how much work would be behind such a feature?

If anyone feels like a tactical mode like this would be lovely to have in the game(Or a waste of resource), please comment and Thumbs Up/Down!
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There was once a bug in the game that actually had this happen (back when tactical mode had no colors, it would sometimes just overlay the existing map instead of turning everything black), but it has sadly been fixed xD

It'd be amazing if tactical mode looked like this, though.
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Love how the actual map that you play in almost look lifted or "3d".. This is how tactical mode should look like ! 
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I have thought the very sam thing for a long time,
I really hope this would be implemented in the game.
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yeah this is nice, even I would made those maps a little bit detailed as an option. smile
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Still hoping this becomes a thing xP
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There is so many maps where you can't see anything until you turn tactical mode on. However, it takes away from the beautiful design of the game. This would be great and I would even leave the graphical overlay on the actual tiles and just hid the things that block your vision.
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Looks lovely, would be great to have more of the map design visible in tactical mode!
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I know it has only been ~10 months since this got posted and that we're just the English community.. But getting any kind of response from the devs/forum mods would be appreciated smile
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Please Ankama! 
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Do it plz
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I am just seeing this now. This is absolutely wonderful... I'm at a loss for words!

Although tactical mode is great to flush out certain graphics and make the map more clearer to navigate through, I feel that it really takes away from the game's beautiful artwork. Just like Endmysuffering said, this is how tactical mode should be!

I am aware of the magnitude of the project, and seeing as the game is heading to Unity anyway, developers might not give this idea much thought. Some input from staff would nevertheless be appreciated.
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+1 for this as an option (but with the current version also an option still). I think that this would be especially nice for streamers to have something a little more pretty for viewers to look at when they're doing some serious fighting.
Imagine in the present time you're on Twitch having never seen or heard of Dofus before, and you visit a Dofus streamer out of curiosity and all you see are the dull colours of the current tactical mode. Not too appealing haha. 
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