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Add a skin previewer to the game

By Compulsive - SUBSCRIBER - January 12, 2020, 19:48:08

It is something most MMORPGs have and is something that I've never understood why dofus doesn't have. The ability to preview a piece of equipment on your character without buying it.

I've always had to either use Dofus Avatar or Dofus Book (recently) but some items are not 100% correct as sizes and position might differentiate from in-game.

Why can we not preview items in-game? I wanted to be able to preview several (different type of) items all at the same time (cloak, hat, mount, pet, shield, perhaps weapon with the emote) so I could decide on what items I want to buy. I do not want to see an item thinking it might look cool, to waste money on it (sometimes I simply do not buy because they are pricey and I am not paying so much just to see how it looks, but would buy if I liked the look) and then it not being as cool as I thought.

Would also be cool if we could preview a color change / face change / gender change with it as well, but the above would already be pretty awesome.

It could even use the ensemble UI, here is a quick photoshopped example (Saving these skins could also be useful to when someone buys a skin change potion to allow for a quick selection of colors / gender / face depending on the pack they chose):

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yeah also preview of guild/alliance logo would be great, on creator looks great but than minimalised does not looks as expected.

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