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Endgame Quest Improvements.

By TeaPartyXelor - SUBSCRIBER - February 01, 2020, 22:49:21


I've recently come back to Dofus and was super excited to get into the new content, I really enjoy questing, I run a 3 man team xelor/cra/eni all really well geared and I've managed to knuckle through endgame content before Ohwymi/Tal Kasha/Vortex/Dimension questlines etc. But its been really tough at times especially when you have no choice but to do it alone and sadly I do get to areas where I can't complete content because its too much which becomes huge areas of frustration as I feel like my team has hit a wall and can't get through this leads to losing motivation to carry on playing which is one of the reasons I quit before.

For example I've just started the questline for the new lvl 200 croc area and on the second quest there is a group fight vs waves of eight mobs. Simple enough right? I thought so but these mobs have a passive buff system that provides them with a new buff every new turn (10%res, 200 dmg reflect, +2mp, etc) as well as a buff whenever one of the mobs die some of which are permanent (invulnerable for 1 turn, healing to full, reduced dmg taken, +2mp, dmg reflect) on top of that these adds aren't exactly weak they hit hard, can reduce ap/mp/range, prevent healing, the healers have a AoE heal that can be used twice and heal up to 1500 a turn with crits.

It's just too much, I've tried to beat the fight with sidekicks but it's overloaded. There are a few similar quests like this in other endgame questlines and I can't help but think this is bad game play design, the only way to beat it is with a full team but I don't want to make a full team it ruins the experience for me, managing three accounts is enough as is but I feel pressured into making an 8 man team just to do content like this. It's unfair.

Why are quests like this made so difficult? What is the point? To bring players together? That doesn't work, not everyone is at the same point as you or they don't want to help or the quest requirements restrict them from helping. It's unnecessary to make a single quest that difficult.

Even the dungeons aren't that bad as they have scaling difficulty depending on the number of people in the group and even if it is mechanic intensive I feel like I can still pull through.

So why aren't quests the same, why can't they also be scaled depending on the number of group members. It would make questing more accessible to players who don't run full teams and enjoy just having one or two characters. I would enjoy the game a hell of a lot more without feeling like there is always going to be a barrier preventing me from completing content.

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Honestly, most quests are annoying like that.. 

Better get used to it, or quit while you can.. Every dumb ass quest has tons of pre-quest, and if you wanna enjoy end-game content, you best do em all. 

When you get to infinite dream pretty much every god damn buff requires you to have done some kind of trash quest.. You cant just create new character and jump straight into it.. Nah, you gotta do dumb ass shit for 2637 hours, then you can enjoy


Tl;dr, I agree..

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