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100-150 level srams in kolo -> Unbalanced

By sidewayup - SUBSCRIBER - March 03, 2020, 19:40:22

There is all classes and then there is sram. In this level, ~100-150 this class is too strong for others in kolo, like it can easily deal damages over 1k eaven in first round and there is no escape in small maps so the game is already lost if enemy sram starts 1st round. You should check this out and do something about it, it takes away all the fun. There is no other classes who can do the same so i call it unbalance! 

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I agree with this. What's more srams are still way too overpowered because of their invisibility. Not only in kolo but also in pvm.
It really bothers me that I couldn't do Kout Larva dungeon with 4 well equipped chars while it's possible to do it SOLO as a sram... Come on, that shouldn't be allowed.
PS. I have sram myself and I still think it needs a solid nerf.

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Boost monsters AI ^^'!

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