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UPDATE RETRO message to ankama

By sidewayup - SUBSCRIBER - March 22, 2020, 20:30:06

Ive played dofus looong time before 2.0 came out. After i played 2.0 till now and then again 1.29 (retro) and then again 2.0 and what can i say  is... you've made completely different game from what it was. Its not too bad and its not good either. 
Dofus 2.0 is too full with suff... like too much, you guys have overdone it wink  Its interesting in its ways, ok, but it also has minuses and compared to 1.29 is tottaly different. Meanwhile, i see you updating things in future by now merging characters etc...  why are doing this? crazzy expermenting without not knowing the result in the end just messing things up too muc.. Why instead of doing that you dont just update dofus 1.29? By just keeping its classic and real dofus taste but like u  content... dungs, monsters, areas, items but not overdoing anything ... The problem is, you guys update too much. dofus 1.29 is uber hard in leveling and its what makes it fun.. just that its too small world there is the problem.

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