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Chat changes /r /g /p

By seviali - SUBSCRIBER - March 25, 2020, 06:34:36

Hello everyone just want to throw out some suggestion that I think will make things easier.

- Having an option to press 'Enter' to automatically pop up the chat to speak instead of having to click on the chat each time

- When typing /g or /p or /r etc to speak in your guild etc, it would be better if the next time you press enter like mentioned above ^ the chat is automatically set to whatever chat you spoke in last. So if I typed /g and spoke in the guild chat, the next time I open the chat again it automatically goes to /g instead of typing it again. This should happen with every chat.

- Change /r to reply to the last person that private messaged you and change recruitment to a zone chat ' /z '. 

- Change /p (group chat) to /g and for speaking in guilds change it so /g1 /g2 /g3 (guild 1, guild 2, guild 3)

These changes are small and won't take much to code, but will make the chat system much easier. 

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