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Bonta vs Brak

By surinaamsekeven#6480 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 18, 2020, 10:06:18
I am a player on the Echo server and I would to revive aligment pvp.

Things that need change
  1. currently you can join a pvp fight without opening your wings
  2. The higher ranks dont lose as much pvp as they used to.
  3. [*]When closing your wings you don't lose any honour points
    (what is the point to be rank 10 if your cant protect your wings)
  4. If I am  not mistaken, rewards as camouflage are removed

A system just like the kollo 1 vs 1 but with honour points as reward,
Benefits that can be gained from aligment vs aligment.
Possibly a costume made version of old school head hunter.

Possibly my greatest idea even if I say so myself
Items that only can be used with a certain aligment wings/rank or can only be used when wings are open.

Any other ideas are welcome, so is feedback.

sorry for the horrible English
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Worst. Ideas. Ever.

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surinaamsekeven|2020-04-18 10:49:23

This is a really good suggestion! kolo pvp with wings, so u can do inter pvps to rank up!

Norwectoplasm dosnt even pvp, idk why he comments on this. he's izi pvm.
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