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Bring back Dofus Arena

By Lyced - SUBSCRIBER - April 21, 2020, 10:57:23

Hello, fellow community!

I really miss Dofus Arena and I think it was a great game. One of the best I have ever played to be honest.

Someday I really hope they will start working on Dofus Arena again. It will be popular on the international arena and I think it also would gather some attention to the english community and make more people know about Dofus itself.


I also made a petition that you guys can sign, so please do:

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I would not mind Wakfu Raiders being brought back too. It seems that these games could be run without support, accessible only to subscribed players. We could play them to end game, but any bugs or problems or time delays created by not being able to buy tokens or gems or whatever would be our own problem.

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Hello, just passing by to ask you if its possible that you translate you're message and send it trough both community. That way, it will touch more poeple and hopefully more voices will be heard.

Sorry for my mediocre english.
Have a good day !

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Hi @lyced i really loved dofus arena, it was really a good game and i hope they bring it back. I play dofus retro too. Plese, let me now if they do something!

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If Ankama have no intention of reviving Dofus Arena, maybe a third party could revive it just like how a third party revived/host "Wakfu: Les Gardiens".

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