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Give the english community a way to show they speak english.

By hydroggz#5890 - SUBSCRIBER - April 24, 2020, 11:06:49
Hello forum,

I'd like to make a suggestion to make the life of the english players in the sea of french players a bit easier.

Would it be an idea to display a flag of your origine or spoken language to other players to show them you dont speak french?

Playing on a international server that might aswell be a french server and constantly having to explain u speak english if your crafting level is 200 or doing kolo is beyond frustrating at this point.

(Maybe trying to cater a bit more to the english community in general might increase company revenue like it did back in the glory days of dofus.)

As a returning player on Jahash from the old days of 1.29 when the english community was still thriving, seeing that english spoken players got no slack in any shape up to twitch streams being in french is a bit demotivating.

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A little icon that indicates English or French would be amazing. Small change with huge impact!
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Good idea! At first I thought "but what about those who can, and wish to, speak both?", but maybe that can easily be solved. If there's an icon for the two or three major languages, including English even if this is a relatively small community, and if it is also possible to inactivate it and choose neither, then no icon could simply signify that either language is fine. We wouldn't want people to avoid speaking to each other for no good reason, after all.
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Or you could have an international flag for someone who's willing to communicate in any language. Possibly have an English/French flag too, which is half the UK flag, half the french flag, divided diagonally.
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7000 x thumbs up!
Remove alliance title and make EN or FR, or a flag in the title, idk but do it Ankama!
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Yes please! This would be of great help.
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 This will make people that hate people in other countries get targeted by those people. on ily there is a guy that makes fun of French people all day and targets them, now how would having a French flag next to their names help them at all from this person. I'm sure we have more people doing stuff like this but right now I only know of a American targeting French singling them out. Is it really that hard to say "I speak English"? or you could do what I did and learn basic French only takes like a week to learn enough French to make parties, sell items and what not.
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You bring up a good point that it could make targeted hate easier to perpetrate. It reminds me of the old days on Rushu, when the attitude of many English speaking players was that the "frenchies" should get off their server, since the official language of the server *was* English.

I don't know if there's a solution for that. The people who are going to hate are going to. That's a pre-existing condition. The guy you're talking about is already hating on French players. Giving people flags next to their names will probably not change his behavior. If it causes him to specifically harass others, some of them will report him to the company, and the company will ban his account.

What does anyone else think about this? Does WeakerTh4n bring up a potential legitimate hazard?
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german too please tongue
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Well, kolossium is full of spanish players, who thinks that everybody speaks their language. Instead of asking first, they start typing 29533282 messages in spanish.
Fortunately, French players have become a little bit more smart last few years, and now they understand that almost no other people than French speak their language, and started to try to communicate in english + often ask first before typing smile
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Just add a title for different languages and if you don't want to show what you speak, don't use it.
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Can we bump this idea? Ankama?
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currently i am using afk message with text to display that i am NOT speaking spanish on TalKasha, the problem is that it goes away every time i text back, it would be great if those message could be permanent untill i decide to disable them, or simpy one afk option more with the posibility to permanent display a message, or even flags to choose maybe?  so people can decide themselfs if they want to display it or not.

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Most french players speak english, or at least make an honest attempt. I'm not sure that a system like that would be beneficial. Sounds to me like it would divide the community even further than the language barrier already does.
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