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Fix paddock bugs and breeding item storage

By Thornen#4040 - SUBSCRIBER - May 06, 2020, 06:28:02


Parttime breeder of here who is a little frustrated that some bugs are still in the game after months and some suggestion to make life easier.

1) naming the mount, please fix the box to allow name changing
2) when selecting <50% tiredness, mounts with 0% tiredness are not in the selection. please add those to <50% or add 0%
3) when using the first filter option and you have selected a filter, then you use the filter where you can type in the bar. It wont reset the first filter to no filter. Make a seperate bar for the type filter so this mix up wont happen.

Make a box where you can store breeding items (which will be automatically transfered to all paddocks which the owner can open) so you can easily store them and to make it easier to place them in the paddock. The current target method and the fact you cannot stack the items after being used is not practical. 

Rentable paddocks, at this moment you need a lot of kamas to buy a paddock for a guild. Why cant players rent a paddock for day/week/month? aswel. In bonta and brakmar we used to have 6 paddocks, it has been reduced to 1 and the empty space look silly. But if i could rent a paddock for a decent price per day would be nice. When the renting period is over, the items will return in the storage box/stable.

Make dropdown folders so we can sort mounts in groups (nice to have). 

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Heyy, I just saw your post and there is a 0% tired filter but its called spritely mounts smile

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