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AvA overpowered alliances negative bonus

By Thornen#4040 - SUBSCRIBER - May 12, 2020, 14:07:44


In the server ily we have 1 very powerfull alliance. AvA is not something I enjoy much at this moment.
I have 4 suggestions to make AvA more fair and can make it once more enjoyable again. Besides that, it will also free up the nugget market as the power alliance has control of over 90% of the nuggets.

1) The current alliance cannot defend (meaning that the area will always go to an other alliance)
2) When an alliance gains an area it also gains a negative bonus for other AvA (for instance, character stats will be reduced with 1 to 3% per area (depending on the area) up to 50% max during AvA with AvA mode active) 
3) Max characters that can join an area during AvA (for instance, 50)
4) An alliance cannot have more than 25 areas at a time.

As we speak, the power alliance on Ily server holds 111 areas including all the "nice-to-have" areas. When all the other alliances combine forces we cannot bring that number below 100. It would be great if other players could enjoy the areas aswel and have a fair share at some nuggets instead of paying the top price.


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I do not think a negative bonus is the way to go here. I think the balance of power should be left to the natural order of things. If 1 alliance has 90% of the top PvP players and the other 10% are spread amongst 20 other, then it's just a matter of getting more competent people into an alliance that can face SYM.

If you can't beat your enemy, join him. (or try to put up a good fight tongue)

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tout le monde ne peut pas entrer, vous avez besoin d'un ensemble super compétitif et 75% des joueurs ne l'ont pas

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As I mentioned, "putting up a good fight" has very limited results. 

For the players who are from the bonta/brak conquest period of playing like myself. The reason why Ankama changed bonta/brak to AvA was to bring a balance to the PvP system. Everybody was joining bonta because they had most of the times 80% of the areas in control. Now we have the same situations and it is not balanced. 

Im not saying my solutions are ideal but a change needs to happen to make AvA a nice way to PvP again. 

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On the bright side, Ankama has already announced that they plan to revamp the AvA system.

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Oh yeah, I strongly agree.
I haven't realised it's even worse there on Ily than it is on Echo. We, at Echo, have got 3 bigger alliances, 2 of them fighting each other every day (Curse and Rage), 3rd one seems to be quiet (Grand). All of these 3 own areas but Curse has got all the important ones (Imp Village, Wabbit Labs, whole Pandala and so on). From my experience it looks like this: If, for some weird reason, Grand or Rage wins KOTH against Curse AND Curse didn't want to lose, they will get the area back no matter what. Why? Because it;s the strongest alliance on the server. When they want something - they get it. Simply as that. And it is really bad. It's unfair when other alliances can't really do much since Curse is the strongest one. Not even mentioning other, smaller alliances.
There is more: Recently Curse and Rage have been trying to annoy each other by defeating prisms all day (and sometimes night) long. Like every day each of the alliance gets their prisms vulnerable and then they have to attend KOTHs. Usually no other alliances appear on these KOTHs since killing the prism was just  to annoy. Each KOTH taking 30 minutes. There are 10-20 daily for each of mentioned alliances. It's NOT nice at all. TAll these KOTHs take A LOT of time. This whole system should be changed, it's definitely BAD to waste so much time on this.
And yeah, I would love alliances to stop existing so we could just all live in peace and happy sad

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i don't play as much AvA to be able to dish an opnion on its effectiveness, but i do see some value in having diminishing or even negative bonuses when controlling a given quantity of territories.

for example

if an alliance controls only one territory, they would get 25% bonus on that territory, and for every other territory they control, the bonus gets reduced by 1% - this way an alliance must make a tactical decision, whether they want to have high bonuses in a limited amount of areas or low bonuses all around the world. this i think is very in line with ankama's past decisions in balancing, they love the idea of a trade-off.
also putting a lid on the amount of villages controlled should increase variety and let every alliance control one transportation device based on the needs of their members.

all four of the OP's suggestions though i think they would in a way or the other butcher the essence of AvA. a lot is about rallying folks and gathering interest for an AvA fight.

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