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A few suggestions on how to make pvp more balanced

By TreeOfMight - SUBSCRIBER - May 13, 2020, 22:02:26

Alright, here I'm going to make a list of non-exhaustive things that can be done in order to make pvp in general more balanced, fair and fun:

Any PvP fight: All characters receive a -30% debuff to final damage for the entire duration of the fight.

Ebony Dofus: Poison effect can only be stacked twice on the same entity. Poison damage decreased by 30% (From 16-20 to 10-14). Attacks used on allied entities no longer increase the Ebony charges. The Poison is now cast in the attacker's best element regardless of the element used to proc the poison.

Ivory Dofus: Damage reduction decreased from x50% to x70% damage sustained on the first hit. Increased fixed resistances from 40 to 60 in all elements. Pushback damage now removes the damage reduction effect.

Sparkling Silver Dofus: Health regeneration reduced from 40% to 30% of maximum HP. Final damage increase reduced from 20% to 15%.

Hammerture: AP cost increased from 5 to 6. Now deals Earth damage instead of Neutral damage. Base critical probability decreased from 20% to 5%.

Corruption Pestilence: The poison can only be stacked twice on the same entity. Can now be unbewitched.

Fallanster's Rectitude: Pushback damage now also removes the damage reduction effect if the bearer is not moved.

Snailmate: Critical bonus reduced from 15% to 10%.

Emerald Dofus: Vitality bonus increased from 200 to 320.

Lavasmith Dofus: Shield point effect increased from 150 to 200. Now also gives 60 critical resistances.

New rule: A character may only equip one Legendary item at once (Same rule as AP/MP/RA exo limitation). If a second item is used regardless, only the first equipped Legendary item's effect will be active in the fight.

Ice Dofus: Damage bonus increased from 25 to 40.

Shiny Prytekt & its variations: Can now be unbewitched.

Perceptors: Now have a base initiative scaled by guild level (1000 initiative maximum at level 200). AP count increased from 6 to 10. They now have the Invulnerable State for two turns at the start of the fight (Cannot be unbewitched).


Manifestation: Range is no longer modifiable.

Runic repulsion: Only 3 runes may be used for the pushback effect at most.

Elemental Drain: Maximum range decreased from 3 to 2.

Elemental cycle: Once a turn in which this spell has been used is over it gets a cooldown of 3 turns.


Suffering's passive effect: The maximum bonus is decreased from x60% to x70% damage sustained. The maximum bonus is decreased from 40% to 30% final damage. Final damage bonus no longer applies to weapons. All suffering ranked are now scaled according to the new values.

Sacrifice: Sacrificing a Sword no longer regenerates the Sacrier.

Retribution: No longer deals an extra line of neutral damage according to erosion received, instead it's scaled with suffering ranks (the more suffering the more damage it deals).

Pillory: Can now be removed even if suffering is 5 or above.


Ambush: No longer has a critical effect. Damage increased by 50% from 10-12 per line to 15-18 per line.

Bathyscaphe: Critical hits will now only grant 2 AP instead of 3. Critical hits no longer increase the shield points given to the target.

Grapnel: Cost increased from 2 AP to 3 AP

Tacturret: Decreased pushback effect in the Evolution III state from 6 to 5 tiles.

There may be more to be done in order to make pvp balanced but I believe that those suggestions would already be a great start.


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I disagree with any change that will nerf PvM situations for the sake of PvP. Changes like this will ruin the game for me unless they can balance PvP separately from PvM, which they already stated they won't do.

I am actually tired of people calling for nerfs for PvP reasons that will make PvM players' lives much harder. For example, Ivory dofus is more or less a requirement to get through many of the hard quest fights in the game. Nerfing it will make these fights more difficult for completely unrelated reasons (PvP).

Many players do not care about PvP and do not want to be affected by this.

I do wish Ankama would decide to balance them separately. Then maybe your suggested nerfs would be good - I can't say since I don't PvP.

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I agree with Ashley.

Although something like making the perc invulnerable until all defenders have been killed would be awesome, otherwise defenders are always at a disadvantage. Attackers have better combinations/setups and it is really hard to coordinate a proper response to an attack since big alliances are a chaos, you cannot make up a team and the interface is really bad for this purpose.

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