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Long time oto mustam player: My reasons why oto mustam can't sustain players, and how i'd fix it.

By chicolio - SUBSCRIBER - May 23, 2020, 19:54:12
First off before people tell me i don't know anything and i don't play. I got a lvl 194 enu on oto so I have a pretty good idea of how things work there.

 Currently this is all pvp consists of on oto mustam:

 -Step one-: You have several high lvl characters logged out on one map tile waiting, with one aggro bot logged in. When someone comes on screen they are instantly aggressed by the bot. 

-Step two-: If the defender has too many strong people defend him, the high lvl aggressors stay offline and throw away the aggro bot, and lose nothing.

-Step three-: If the defenders are outnumbered or lower level, the aggressors will log in and join the fight, while the defender has 0% chance of winning 1v7.

In summary: the aggressors win everything if they win, while the defenders win nothing from killing a naked aggro bot. The aggressors are always in an unloseable situation.

Most of the time if you are an attacker, you only wear cheap stuff like gobbal set, because you have to understand, when you outnumber the enemy 1v5 or 1v7. It doesn't matter what equipment you use.

In the unlikely chance that a counter aggro group joins at the last second to kill you (which is very rare, because there is no profit and it's hard to pull off), the only thing they'd get from the you and the group is cheap gobbal sets.

In the current state of the game, solo/new players, people in small/medium clans have no chance. There is only one way to play and that's in a BIG group, or you can never leave the neutral zone otherwise. If you do, expect a aggro bot to pick you up, and then a 1v7 shortly after. 

~Here's my idea of good game design:

Design summary:
 -All fights are equal (for the defender). This means if you are attacked by 1 person, it's a 1v1. If you are attacked and 1 friend joins to defend you then it's a 2v2 and so on. The attackers have to match your numbers and can't gang up 1v7

This is how it would work:
 -Once you are aggressed you are given 60 seconds for your friends to join the battle.
After that there is one minute for aggressors to join the battle (if none comes to defend you then it's a 1v1)

 -This would eliminate the use of low level aggro bots, and make the game overall healthier. People in small groups or solo would be willing to leave the neutral zone.

 -This isn't to say it's totally fair for the defender, the attacker could be lvl 200 and the defender lvl 50, but at least it's a fight with even numbers, which would be a DRASTIC improvement to what we have now.


Kinda wish I thought of this years ago when the game wasn't dead. I doubt a developer has seen these forums in years. 
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