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Use an Algorithm to Periodically Recalculate Monsters, and Force Respawn to Even Out Monster Types in an Area

By Nazarbayev - SUBSCRIBER - May 25, 2020, 23:04:59

For example, for the past three hours, I have been trying to drop Perfect Ginger Dragoturkey Wing in the Dragoturkey Territory on Temporis, but there are so few Ginger DTs that with the low drop rate, I am going bloody insane. This often happens with regards to quest drops that everybody needs - the area becomes cleared out, and we all get frustratingly angered and bored trying to respawn the needed monster. It really detracts from the game. Quite frankly, if I were not so invested already, I would delete the character and watch a film. One of my guildies spent a whole day trying to capture a Ginger DT, with a shout of anger in the guild chat every 5-10 minutes. I am not alone in this. Ankama needs to find a balance in all areas between challenging and water scooping with a sieve frustration.

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