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Alliance vs Alliance

By MrBrightside - SUBSCRIBER - June 22, 2020, 19:21:39

As of late I've noticed multiple different alliances teaming up vs my alliance. I feel this sort of defeats the purpose of AvA (now it's A+A+AvA). If they want to team up (ie. make an alliance) they should be in the same alliance. I feel there needs to be something that makes it so only one alliance can join an attack against a perc or prism. 

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All's fair in love and war. Your alliance should get moving on diplomacy if that's what's happening to you.

Anyway I don't think anyone is fully satisfied with how AvA works. Ankama is clearly terrified of making adjustments to guilds and alliances, so I think we'll have to wait. Maybe next time, they'll come up with a more inviting fun system that actually stays that way over time. But I don't think the kingmaking, sneaky tactics, drama, and political intrigue will ever be going away.

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I'm extremely dissatisfied with the Alliance system that's currently in the game. I seriously hope it will be completely revamped. I hate how one alliance is controlling all valuable areas and the rest can't do anything about it. This sucks the most in the system in my opinion.

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Ava on echo is complete total sh** . The strongest alliance on our server multilogs in 90% of attacks , defense and In Koths. We report and support doesnt do a thing. Ankama gives zero sh** about our server. 

Multilogging is against the rules. It ruins the game for players who play fair. But our server isn't french. So forget about ankama looking after its players . If you're not on a french server ankama doesnt give a'f about your server.

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Have you ever considered that Ankama doesn't do anything because your multilog reports are false?

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Jefe you yourself multilog both percs aswell as koths so maybe staff suspect that you are taking the piss? xD

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Do you mean, you shouldn't be able to go with a group of friends to attack a perc or a prism?
That's just ... yolo !!!

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