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Can we please do something about the quest items tab?

By merchantpiro - SUBSCRIBER - June 29, 2020, 19:28:19

I know full well that suggestions are ignored but I feel like whining..

There are many quest items that are given as "rewards" that literally serve no purpose other than to take up space in an already chaotic item tab. These items can't be deleted, can't be turned in, just have to...exist? but why? If you want to tag a tiny bit of lore, give the npc a dialogue or even put it in a post-quest description, don't give me this garbage that I have to look at for the rest of my character's life!

Just glancing at my inventory, there's so many things that I would love to get rid of, like the Ice hotel discount coupon (for the ice hotel that'll never exist), or the all-singing all-dancing cream (seriously wtf? if I didn't want the ice dofus I never would have done that quest so I don't have to look at that orange eyesore every time I do a quest) or the hair tufts from the goblin quest that you can't get rid of because you misclicked while chasing one of the few sadidas and got another class's hair.. And don't even get me started on event items that persist forever. I don't think the 15th aniversary event is happening again, so why do I still need the quest items from that? I don't need a waey extractor, because I don't need waey, and the ankabar pass is useless, and I already made the giant soap, so why do I still need the recipe to do it...

/rant over
but seriously, can something be done about the quest tab's pile of junk? other mmo's even have a feature to do this already....

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I mean, they take up no pods.  I understand what you mean, I have like 13 years of quest items in there, but this is not on the devs tasklist and never will be. 

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Dunno, but most of them serve a purpose. Its a way for developers to check for certain conditions and allow players also to see if can can do certain stuff again. Without Wabbit Potion no Wabbit Island. Yeah the could tidy up some after some quets, but then again you dont know if you wanna use them later again for another quest oder check.

What they could do thou, is a currency Tab, which would include tradeable currencies like Orchior, Tokens... and such stuff 

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