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Reform the harvesting system and haven bags

By IwannakillU - SUBSCRIBER - July 06, 2020, 18:07:42

I've recently tried out Wakfu and man I must say the whole ecosystem was impressive as heck. You can harvest things but then you have to replant them. Also the haven bags in Wakfu are A M A Z I N G . You can get the haven gems to expand your bags and also you can have paddocks and plant stuff INSIDE YOUR BAG!!! You have bosses in your bag.. Now imagine bringing the whole ecosystem and harvest/replant system on Dofus , with the haven bag system aswell. That can only be an improvement to the current system which is flawed as hell..Also we need bigger mines, try to make them like a labyrinth or something, with multiple levels (going up and down). I've no clue how you can do this but in this day and age I'm sure you can do it. Anyone got any other ideas about how to make the Dofus harvest system (ecosystem) and the haven bags better? I think the ones in Wakfu are perfect. They just need to implement the same systems in Dofus

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i like how you think this sounds quite impressive makes me wanna try wakfu now

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NO ! Like, double NNOO !! As in, triple NNNOOO !!!
Have you been playing for a while at least on a veryyyyyyyyy populated server, like BETA used to be, for Wakfu, years back?
Do you have the slightest idea how hard it is to actually harvest w.e. at times? Let me explain, for a sec: you plant and plant and plant frenetically mobs and plants and w.e.,  together with a very small hand of people, while whole server comes to harvest/ cut/ kill w.e. you have been planting. And back then, there was needed a certain stage for plants, for example, to be able to give seeds for more planting; if too many cut unready plants and too few plant them (or mobs, etc), at some point it got to the point where a/ some species were extinct on the server where I was, as in, non-existent anymore.
In Dofus, there is more than enough work to gather some specific resources, that are in scarce amount; now imagine that said resources can be planted only on special spots on certain areas, and while you plant and plant, others cut and cut behind you. You end up timing your planting and harvesting at hours when most people are asleep on the server, lol, that's how tough it can get, for certain valuable species.
Also, no, no planting in haven bag. The plants/ ores/ mob resources/ etc are a reward for one's work, as in, to go to a certain area to pick them up, or fight some mobs for them. If you grow in your haven bag, then it becomes a passive activity.  And with the depopulation of this game in the latest years, that's one of the few things that this game does not need: get people off maps into haven bags and play all by themselves.
But mines .. I wouldn't mind them like 10-20% bigger/ with more ores/ veins/ etc; but not labyrinths and not huge, cuz then ores and alloys would be 1 k per 100 items, or worse.
The thing is: they are two different games; if you bring ecosystem into Dofus, then no point in having 2 games, but better just merge them both = more player base. Would you like that to happen? Probably not. Though, there is already something that has a bit of both: , this is a game that also belongs to Ankama. While on the (possible) future of Dofus, I'd recommend you to have a look at , but there's nothing added new in quite sometime ...

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I really don't want the Wakfu profession system in Dofus. The Dofus economy encourages you to competitively harvest as much as possible and maximize your profits in whatever way you can, but the Wakfu system is based entirely on community cooperation and good environmental practices. Those are two drastically different economic systems, and both draw ideas from real world economies.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love things to harvest certain things in my Haven Bag on some kind of limited basis, but you're suggesting we borrow much more than that from Wakfu and that system is simply incompatible with Dofus.

The mines, though... The scarcity of certain ores is totally intentional. They were very deliberate when they redid resource distributions from scratch from the profession revamp. If they expand the mines, the recipes calling for ores and alloys would probably just get even worse as a compromise and I'm not sure anyone wants that. Also I think the distribution of certain wood is so much worse!
Anyway, the time of day you choose to mine is very important too... wink

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