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TP by potion should have a warning/ accept small message/ window, when in dungeon or dimension

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - July 10, 2020, 15:08:11

Good afternoon.

Like the title says, TP away by potion of any kind sould ahve a warning/ accept small message/ window, when in dungeon or in a dimension.
Or just in general, at all times, that'd help too, something like "do you really want to use potion xxxx to go to the place yyyy ? "

How many times have you typed without having your current pointer on txt chat small window?
Haw many times have you opened tons of random menus, by doing that?
Well, the worse is when you hit by mistake some potion use auto shortcut, and you end up in Brak or Bonta or at your recall point; and the nightmare of it, is when this happens while you are in a dungeon, or in a dimension.

Please have a thought on this, and give us some eventual feedback.
Thanks in advance.

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don't put potions where you have a shortcut key. i put mine at the far end on my tooltip. If they implemented that, it would be super annoying to tp with 8 of my characters with potions. 

If you have a shortcut key for every slot on your tooltip, simply don't put them there, keep it in your inventory. 

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There’s always the settings for these sorts of things. There’s an option to enable or disable warnings when placing items on the ground. Why not have this too in a way that can be toggled in settings?

I follow the advice given by LazMimar and put them in the bottom row where they won’t be activated accidentally, but this idea seems fair given the obnoxiousness of teleporting when you don’t want to.

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Well, it could be in Options, somewhere, to be able to choose if to activate or deactivate:

  • - popup "yes/ no" window for confirming any use of any consumable except tp potions;
  • - popup "yes/ no" window for confirming any use of tp potions.

I thought to have tp potions as a separate option, since one might want to have to confirm their use, while not having to confirm the use of hp/ energy food/ potions/ etc.
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