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Erosion Resistance

By Osa-masterz#8153 - SUBSCRIBER - July 23, 2020, 20:13:29

Call it bark or something lol thick skin w/e but make it so that even if the ECAFLIP that was just mega erosion buffed or other ero classes cast say 10% ero and you have 4% bark resistance or whatever you wanna call it it only erodes for 6%. Useful not only in pvp but also in dreams and some pvm. 

*** can also cap it. say 20% bark resistance max so that it doesn't completely cancel the erosion classes. 

can be softly implemented through trophies and trans runes then in a later update add gear with the stat. 

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There is already a form of erosion resistance in the game (sort of) in the form of spells that give vitality. I really think there should be more vitality boosting spells amongst all the classes. Like why do Iops get the only good one? Shouldn’t the support classes (Enis) get some kind of +vitality spell(s)? The foggernauts healing turret grants a pretty good little vitality buff to its host (when evolved), so maybe it’s healing special spell should come with a short vitality boost too? Sort of like how the shield one gives AP? Also that useless alternative spell to the Enis bunny (the shield one that cost more AP to cast) maybe that can be replaced or reworked to give vitality?

All I’m saying is that erosion is a necessity in this game for sure, but it’s become the main focus of all PvP making support(healers) much less useful. It’s not an unknown problem either, and it seems like such an easy fix to me, just dish out some vitality buffing spells.

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Erosion was created to counter heals/sustain, so it'd be pretty pointless to create a counter to the counter that it's supposed to be countering in the first place :^)

Another way to counter erosion is to just unbewitch it, so I guess you could say erosion already has a counter :d

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