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Better perc management and associated guild rights

By -Blu- - SUBSCRIBER - August 05, 2020, 10:39:25

Hi team,

it would be nice to add some new rights for guild members regarding placing perceptors, or elaborate on how to improve this features for example:

Set max number of placed perceptors - very usefull for guilds with many members to avoid fighting over percs and to help SiC which now have to actively count who has how many percs placed

Automatic notification after login announcing player that his/her placed perc is full and he/she should collect items from him

Better visualisation of how long is perc placed, value of collected items, pods with percentage or followed by slash showing max pods, perc tab overhaul

Just a nice to have ideas nothing critical , thank you guys. 

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Bring It On !! @ankama

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i would like to add that paddock management is simmilar bad, or way worse...
it would be much better, to avoid fighting over breeding equipment and breeding space, to be able to assign paddocks to specific charakters 

i hope ankama is going to make a questionary before they change guilds and alliances wink

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