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By Workinlifeaway#1406 - SUBSCRIBER - August 06, 2020, 02:10:28

I just wanted to rant a bit about the expense of constant class changes. after my 5th one I'm still not really enjoying any class other than Fog. It would be SUPER cool if the class change service had some sort of effect time to it. Like even just 24 hours or something to be sure you pick a class you'll enjoy playing? Hell, even just 5 hours of being able to class change each login would be greatly appreciated.

I just can't convince myself that it's worth it to change again, but the class I chose this time still doesn't bring me any joy -- and more discouraging than that is now I just can't find the motivation to play the game at all. Anyone else going through this? Or even just like the idea of the class change service giving you time to try a few other classes out before deciding on one?  

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Ever tried the beta server?

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That thing that's only open a few times a year? And even when it is open only once in blue moon does it allow for class changes? 

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I agree that there should be some way to test before paying such a price, but they would have to be mindful of exploiting. For example, people who do a quick class change for an achievement and revert back without paying.

As for the beta server, it does allow you to class change practically for free for testing purposes. I didn’t think it is only open during some parts of the year, only that it gets reset during some parts of the year. But I may be wrong since I don’t use it much.

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Yes, I did check, and the beta is only open a week or two before bigger updates. It should be noted that the beta does NOT always have the class change potions for 10 kamas each at the zaap -- this is a much rarer event for testing class changes. 

As for people changing classes to finish different parts of the game -- this should not be a problem as Ankama has stated that every class can do any part of the game if built correctly. (This was stated during the spell variant update). As for reverting back to OG class for free, it wouldn't be free at all. You pay your 25 US dollars (or what ever the cost is) for the class change effect on a character. and for (lets just make up a time limit) 6* hours, every time that character logs in, they have the choice of changing class. If you just go back to your OG class, its like you spent 25 bucks on an achievement? I I think Ankama would be fine with that. 

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Strange, every time I tried to use the beta for testing classes I was able to. I guess I just happened to pick the right times.

I suppose I misunderstood your suggestion. I interpreted it as having a way to test classes for free before deciding to pay, but you're saying you pay and then have a time window where you can freely try different classes until you've settled on one. That does seem at least less exploitable.

Really, as far as I'm concerned, I "think" I'd be fine with having entirely free class changes always. I just know how Ankama tends to be when they think people are exploiting things.

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Everytime I see threads about class changing, I always remember my suggested solution to the problem about class change, class nerf and class boredom.

Dual Class System
The ability for 1 character to change into its alternate/paired class when his class is nerfed or he is bored of his class. Basically, an osamodas can change into a foggernaut with one double-click of a button, since both class worship the same god (don't worry, if your class have no 2nd follower, there is a solution).

World of Twelve
Cra - Cowboy - Siege Ballista*
Iop - Icarian - Dragoon*
Eniripsa -- Druid - Jester
Sacrier- - Zombie - Necromancer*
Pandawa - Gemini - Yakuza*
Feca -- Gobbal - Fsherman*
Xelor - Huppermage - Voyager*
Enutrof - Eliotrop - Tarot
Sadida - Masqueraider - Gingerbread
Sram - Rogue - Merfolk Pirate*
Osamodas - Foggernauts - Mimic
Ecaflip - Ouginak - Sewer Rats*

* 8 Possible future class suggestion (if I ever get back to playing dofus and find the motivation to continue to make class suggestions)
Phase 1: Make 6 new class and everyone of the 12 class god will have 2 disciple class to switch from.
Phase 2: Make 12 new class to complete the set of 3. Meanwhile, as they add new class, they will be default as possible 3rd disciple for the old class pair. If you opened up your 3rd class slot, you can choose between the current freelancer classes until a set of twelve is completed. Once the full 12 is completed, they will be assigned to a specific pair.

If they want to implement dual class right away, then they could just do another eliotrope and break the game lore to make the krozmos be a World of  8 gods (Sram is not the only one who pulled a Eugor trick, the other 4 gods also did the same act to gather more followers).

World of Eight
Cra - Iop God of Damage (Wrath)
Eniripsa - Sacrier God of Survival (Gluttony)
Pandawa - Feca God of Manipulation (Lust)
Xelor -  Enutrof God of Debilitation (Greed)
Sadida - Masqueraider God of Tragedy {Despond}
Sram - Rogue God of Assassination (Envy)
Osamodas - Foggernauts God of Proxy (Sloth)
Ecaflip - Ouginak God of Supremacist (Pride)

Godless class (Apathy)

Godless classes can be chosen as third class of any of the 8 class pair.
If you start off as one of these 2, then you can choose to have any of the 8 pair to be your 2nd/3rd class.
Newly added classes can be added in the godless class until there are 8 new class, at which point they will be allocated to be a specific 3rd class  of the 8 gods. A survey event could even be held to vote for which god each class will be following.

Now if your Osa get nerfed, you can play as a foggernaut for a while until the osa get buffed.
Bored of your Sram? Switch to a Rogue.
You don't need a sacrier in a boss fight? Be an Eni for that fight.
Your rogue is bugged, you can play as a sram until your rogue is fixed.

You have an Osa and Fogger character already?
When before, you can only play as an Osa + Fogger combination, now 2 new combination will be available for you:
Osa + Osa
Fogger + Fogger

You already have an osa and fogger on same account?
You gain a new set of build to experiment on, plus the ability to have a different 3rd class (one will have a hupper 3rd class and the other will have a eliotrope).

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