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Gathering Profession Suggestion + Animation Feedback on Spells

By ElecAquaFire#7623 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - August 12, 2020, 23:48:45

It would be nice to have the same feature Wakfu has when it comes to Gathering - at least with the Havenbags wherein one can "plant" resources in it. Instead of having to contest other players when gathering.

Additionally, please put a decent animation on Huppermage's Arcane Torrent - it seems underwhelming for a strong spell. 

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Personal resource production? +1 supported. As a soloist, having the ability to gather in private is a highly liked QoL feature for solo playing. Another alternative is to make all resources instanced. Competition is a stressful interaction that only brings disappointment. Only economist gamer and botter enjoy commercial interaction in the current resources system.

Turn the haven bag into a base-building mini-game wherein you can build and craft various section of the pocket space into useful feature:
1. Resource section: garden, farm, field, mines, fishpond etc etc.
2. Workshops
3. Merchant
4. Trophy room
5. Guild hall
6. Paddocks
7. Storage
8. Danger Room: You can use soulstone without consuming it. Where you can train using your soulstone over and over again until you master the fight and you can then fight the real thing. NOTE: Since you do not consume the soulstone, you won't get rewarded after the fight, for training purpose only.
And many other more possible  base-building feature that would take hours to enumerate, which is to much for the devs to implement.


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HI, I was a big fan of you and Philistine back in the day (assuming you are Bigbadnudist the osa)? 
Do you still play?

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Bumping this thread, I want to thank Ankama Team for hearing out my concern regarding the Arcane Torrent's animation - logged back from a hiatus and saw the new animation and I loved it <3

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