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Allow auto-GPS potions to be used on petsmounts

By Khaleesi#3589 - SUBSCRIBER - September 01, 2020, 14:49:18

Makes sense, they fall under the category of mounts.

This would make my life much easier than equipping a dragoturkey just for the sole purpose of using AUTO-GPS feature.

Would also make my Dofus life much more consistently aesthetically pleasing. 

Another idea but I should probably make another post: allow multi-accounters to send all active characters to the same pos all at once using AUTO-GPS, instead of having to reclick the pos you're travelling to on each screen. I'm guessing this is too complicated though.

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that is a very good to have to be honest i support this idea :3

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I love this idea ;>

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Such a serviceable idea! I will stand behind of this idea as long as I play this game... If we need to start a petition I am already down for it cool

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Nice idea, would make petsmounts a bit more desirable too.

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Yes yes

I believe that Petsmount GPS was mentioned by Ankama a long time ago when GPS first released. By memory, they said that they couldn't add them onto petsmounts because of technical reasons (probably because some mounts aren't able to 'eat' and hold inventory)

The feature should still be on the table though as a player-feature that's accessible while mounted (on any mount), instead of a drago/rhin/seem feature

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My question is, is it really "impossible" due to technical reasons? If it's not impossible but is somehow extremely difficult, well Ankama staff please help us be happier more efficient players and take on this challenging task! pensive I am certain that the vast majority of players would be happy of this change and I don't think they would mind if consequently petsmounts would need to be fed like any other type of pet or mount. Thank you for sharing this info and input smile

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