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By August 29, 2005, 11:25:35

This part of the forum is only for "Discuss and suggest innovations and improvements for the game"

  • Every post must be for purpose of discussion (only post if you want to discuss, do not bump or flame). This also means no posts for just complaining. This is a place to have new ideas and talk about them, not the place to complain about what you do not like about the game.
  • Additionally, do not use the all-capitals for topic titles.
  • Try to use the best English you know ( no l33t language, the fewest abbreviation as those who don't speak English as their maternal language could not easily translate it)
  • The economic model of DOFUS (subscription + a tiny f2p area) can not be changed no need to discuss about any modification of this model
  • We gladly welcome ideas for new monsters or game classes, but please be aware that in nearly every case the developers will not be able to use specific monsters and classes proposed on this forum for reasons of international copyright laws.

Official F2P Discussion Topic

All other topics discussing this matter will be locked without warning. Thank you.
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[size=18]How do I make a suggestion?[/size]

There are a lot of ways to make suggestions and depending on what your suggestion is, there are different ways that might be most effective for reaching the devs. Here's some of the ways that you can make a suggestion.

The Izmar/Nerodos Way

Nero and I regularly read through this forum in search of good ideas that can be suggested to the dev team. In general, there are two types of ideas that I forward - ideas that suggest simple tweaks to the interface or game that, based on my past experience with the devs, I believe can be realistically added in future updates OR more elaborate or complex ideas that have a great deal of community support (but are still relatively realistic to implement and not contrary to the principles of our company).

Remember, community support is not the only factor. The devs have the final vote, and ideas that cannot be implemented due to coding restrictions, exorbitant costs, problematic repercussions for players/staff, or other major downsides will not be added no matter how many votes or comments they receive.

An example of the first type of suggestion: Click here - it looks pretty simple to add, the client team is generally pretty receptive to suggestions, it would be helpful to a significant portion of the playerbase (since a lot of people like turkey breeding), pretty much a perfect suggestion, even though it doesn't exactly have fifty smiley votes and five pages of comments. I will forward this to the devs and ask what they think, then respond to the thread when appropriate.

An example of the second type of suggestion: Click here - Although many players suggested an in-game bestiary before this, Blazeron's post here was particularly well organized and had a lot of community support. This is an example of a major feature that would require a great deal of work and change to the client, but has enough community support and usefulness that it seems like it would be worth the time and expense. It was suggested to the devs (again), and in 2013, it became a reality. Please note that it was over a year after this particular thread was submitted before this feature was added.

An example of an idea that had community support but was ultimately rejected: Click here - While this idea had some nice possibilities for roleplay and quite a few players arguing for its addition to the game, it ultimately did not serve the balance between professions and was therefore rejected.

The Zenith Way

The Zenith team is tasked with collecting your feedback on specific topics that they then return to the devs. They have two main ways of choosing these topics:

1) The devs make a request for feedback on a special forum that the Zenith have access to.
2) The Zenith agree together that they will collect feedback on a topic important to the community.

The team themselves collects feedback regularly on the Zenith forum. It is typically concerned with classes and equipment, but may include other game features as well.

The Ankabox Way

All of the game's developers have Ankaboxes. If you so choose, you are welcome to message them with your suggestions about the game. I would not expect a personal response, but many of the devs do read their messages regularly.

You can find a list of the main developers and their specialties here: Click here

The Beta Way

Before each major update, the dev team opens the Beta server so players can help test the upcoming changes. During the week or so leading up to the final release, there are usually several members of the Development and Testing team available for players to speak to at -2,0 on the Beta server.

These staff members are usually online during Ankama's office hours, which are 9 am to 6 pm, Paris time. They are there to receive your feedback about the update, and if they have the time and inclination, you are welcome to discuss your ideas for the game with them as well.

Keep in mind that not all members of the development team speak English. You may need to use a translation service to communicate with them.

I hope that's helpful as you consider how you'd like to submit your suggestions for Dofus. =)