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Option to set visible crafting fee

By ShivJ#6322 - SUBSCRIBER - October 09, 2020, 11:24:22
I think it would be nice if we could set a crafting fee in our profession interface so that when someone looks us up in the craftsmen list they are able to get an idea of the crafting cost to expect.
I realize this will create more visible competition amongst crafters but at the same time I feel that it would help establish a standard.
Although most players are agreeable I've had many bad experiences with players who are beyond rude when I reply with my crafting fee.
Please let me know your thoughts on this.

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A very nice idea, I think it would be even better if the game allowed crafters to have a description message system where the crafter would be able to specify any details or conditions in text form because sometimes there might not only be a fixed price but also a discount for mass craft or for nice ppl for example, or specifying prices for standing on a quest tile, or indicating the language the crafter is most comfortable the most, etc;
It would be more convenient for a player searching crafters as well since they’d know what they are getting into
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I disagree on this one. I'd say that makes things too complicated for everyone involved. As it is, players can PM a crafter, or multiple crafters if they're dealing with magus, and sort it out from there.
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I appreciate this, however I feel that with this particular market, some motivated (or mentally ill) person(s) would game it so heavily that rather than establishing the intended standard that you and I wish for, it would drive the cost of high level crafts into oblivion.

I'm level 200 in most professions and am quite satisfied with how my interactions with customers go. I rarely "bite a sour apple" in this situation so to speak. Or maybe I shrug them off and don't take it as personally as you. What server are you on, and what is your fee (if you don't mind sharing)? I'm on Echo, and my typical level 200 crafting fee is 50kk.

Maybe a different solution would be more effective. I am only concerned that this idea will have the opposite effect intended.
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I agree with Doctor Jekyll... throughout my time playing, almost every crafter has charged a flat fee of 50kk on a high level WS visit for the the crafting of multiple items, which is what I myself charge as well, so long as I do not get a flake who has to keep running for missing materials. If somebody else asks while I am already at the WS, I usually even craft for free (but if they initiate a craft without asking, I charge the fee). Some people complain, but let them whine, as a multi-million kama item craft is hardly grounds for cheapness, and most of us have invested quite a bit in levelling our professions. If everybody just agrees to this 50kk fee for high-level items (and maybe 100kk for legendary) as the standard, everything would be smooth, because after all crafters who are xp-ing will do anything else for free.^^
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You guys forget that the crafting price can also be affected by the server you are playing on. Sure on Echo where the population is small to average it might be a nice idea to have a fixed crafting price which everyone knows, but on mono international servers with a large population there’s no way we can convince everyone to have a fixed crafting price, be it 50kk or any other price. Not only language barrier gets in a way but also there are competitions among crafters as well, a cheaper crafter will surely get more job, the price literally won’t be able to stay fixed. If you are on mono and you say smth like “50kk or no craft” you’ll probably get a reply “mdr 50kk go delete nab”
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I understand what you mean. However, the issue becomes one of return on investment. If fees drop below the cost of tp-ing to some city from wherever one happens to be playing at the time, and then running back to the action, perhaps even disturbing others if he/she is in a group, a crafter might just decide that listing as active is not worth the effort. Further, many may simply decide to go into "crafter exile", choosing not to craft at all for others, thus resulting in fees rising anyway due to lack of choice. These sorts of things happen in economics all the time with regards to undifferentiated products and services.
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