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Eliminate "untouchable" challenge

By MYSKUNK - SUBSCRIBER - November 17, 2020, 14:10:05

In almost all situations this challenge is impossible. If any creature has more initiative than you or starts near you, you lose before you even take a turn.

The only time it works is if you are fighting things 100x lvls lower than yourself or if you are lucky enough to be a ranged class on a ranged map.

Please consider eliminating this.

Possible compromise if people are attached to the challenge and don't want to see it go: Have the challenge be unfailable for the first round of turns.

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Personally I don't think it's necessary to remove that challenge. You said it yourself that the challenge is possible under favourable conditions. The challenges are mostly optional and I don't think there's a dungeon achievement that would actually require Untouchable challenge except for Tynrils. As a reminder the Blitzkrieg or Scanty challenges are even more impossible in most of situations.
And by the way your compromise suggestion already exists and it's called Contamination challenge which is basically an Untouchable challenge unfailable for 5 turns.

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I understand what you're saying. At the same time, contamination is very different in its mechanics and possibilities. Scanty I also find terrible in 90% of cases, but it's a bit more interesting than untouchable in my opinion.

I believe Scanty also never appears in dungeon mobs (other than gourlo the terrible), which is nice.

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Not all challenges are created equal, but I think Untouchable is fine. While it's easy to fail, it's also totally possible to rearrange your strategy to make it work even though your fight may take longer. I understand cc teams will have difficulty, but not all challenges are meant to be easily done by all comps.

The above post makes a good point with Blitzkreig, however. Even optimized high damage teams will fail it if you're against high leveled monsters with enormous HP or resists. At least with Untouchable, Scanty, and the like, you can force it to work with smart play. But smart play doesn't magically make your damage numbers higher.

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At the very least, if there is an enemy that starts before a player does, don't allow untouchable to occur in that fight. There should never be a situation where it is 100% provably impossible to do a challenge.

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Thanks, agreed. I would add that against certain mobs -- resource protectors for example -- it is literally impossible not to take damage as they can hit from almost anywhere (potentially everywhere? I've never not been hit) and automatically go first. I also end up getting untouchable what seems to be a disproportionate amount of times when i fight resource protectors. This is particularly annoying, as I'm often trying to get the rare resource drops.

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