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Promoting Dofus More Effectively

By Nazarbayev - SUBSCRIBER - April 10, 2021, 11:50:49

I do not post often, but for those of you who have got to know me over the years, you will note that this is an issue that I repeatedly champion, as Ankama does this badly.

Yesterday, I was, for the first time ever, shown an advert for Dofus, specifically Temporis V, once on YouTube and again in Facebook, neither account of which is connected in any way to Dofus, as they are my disposable accounts on my Android pad. The thing that irked me was that the ad for Temporis is so specific, something in which only a regular subscriber would be interested, not a stranger (I assume I was shown the ad because of my interest in D&D). Indeed, the ads were in French. Instead, "cold call" advertising should be focused on drawing in a potential first-timer. And, in the language of the OS being used.

Furthermore, I have tried several times to recommend to Ankama that they should focus their advertising on those who already play similar games, particularly fans of turn-based strategy games played on grids, or basically chess-like games. What we do is effectively just speed chess on steroids, especially we multi-accounters. There are many chess sites, among other similar games, on the internet where ads for Dofus would be most effective.

Finally, the staff of Ankama really need to get to work on the free promotion offered through sites such as Wikipedia. Again, I had to add Dofus to an applicable page (List of MMO real-time strategy games). I shudder to think how many potential players have been lost to Ankama's own marketing staff ignoring such opportunities. Further, there are some sites that hold Dofus up as a gold standard of the genre, like this one, yet Ankama staff have not taken advantage of the chance to promote the game, not even by asking for their link to be added.

Many players complain to no end about how little Dofus is advertised. However, I look more at the issue of how poorly it is promoted and in what way. Once again, Ankama staff, please utilize the tools that are available. Perhaps, other community members can add to the list of free or low-cost promotional opportunities that Ankama can use to bring in more players. Thank you.

May 4th, 2021: Today I added the World of Twelve universe to Wikipedia's list of shared universes, under the Shared Media section. Now, we are incidentally associated with Marvel whenever somebody runs a search on the topic of shared universes! This is what Ankama's staff need to be doing, because if I have to keep writing your copy, I want to be paid.laugh

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I kind of agree. Ankama has advertised Dofus in the United States, but the ad was very cringe.

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That was a pretty short run, and around 10 years ago at this point. Considering the quality of more recent cinematic trailers like for Pandala, maybe it's time for another try.

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Fully agree that Ankama is utterly incompetent in marketing (yeah, I said it). For the longest time I could sort of give them the excuse of having a difficult job marketing such a slow paced strategy game to an audience mostly interested in battle-royale, FPS and MOBA genres. However a few months ago I was proven wrong when the hottest game was this brand new start up game, you may not have heard of it, chess, it being the most popular game on twitch at the time (even now I'd say it's holding up decently). If there ever was an opportunity to make a marketing push, it was then but Ankama's marketing team slept through the whole thing.

Now for my advice (maybe there's a chance they take it) to the marketing team. Get a hold of a popular chess streamer (not a french one, but someone who a wide audience can watch, don't mess this up too), and do a sponsored stream of them playing the game (please not temporis, that would be such a god awful idea) and just work from there. A simple yet decently effective marketing strategy that focuses on people who are interested in the genre.

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I don't think Dofus really compares to something so simple and universal as chess. Unless these very popular chess streamers also maintain their viewership while also playing MMORPG's, it doesn't really seem like something that would work for the streamers. They have to think about their profits as well.

In general, lots of the most popular Twitch streamers are one-trick streamers who only stream one or two games, because that's what their subscribers are there for. Often when rank and file streamers deviate to try a new game, it can hurt their numbers and income. But this kind of influencer program, with well-known and more flexible MMO and video game streamers, seems like a pretty interesting idea. Also increased promotion and boosting of existing Dofus Twitch creators, and targeted Twitch ads, would go a long way.

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I first found out about Dofus in a British anime/manga magazine, there was a full page advert for it showing all the cutesy classes and monsters (think the fight character profile pics in Retro). There was an advert in the mag for 3 months running and after the 3rd month I decided to see what it was all about. That was 2005. I've not seen it advertised in any of the anime/pc gaming/fantasy mags I subscribe to since.

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Totally agreed. If it wasn't for my weird friend telling me about this game 10 years ago, i would have never found it 

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Lately. Ankama has a massive online ad campaign promoting Temporis V (seen ads on youtube, and various mobile games that I play like Contra Return and Plants vs Zombies 2)....

Problem is, is it wise to use temporary servers to promote the game? Old dofus gamers would be interested to try a temporary server, but since they already know the game, it is redundant.

Now for new players coming to the game...
If they like the Temporis V mechanics, they might get turned off when it is closed down.
If they hate the mechanics, then they might just leave without trying out the regular server.

My point is, if they are making an ad campaign, why not advertise the regular game to avoid possible discontent later (this might be perceived as a bait and switch advertisement and some people see bait and switch advertisement as being scummy).

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