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Fuji snowfoux in Ilyzaelle.

By kiromanza#2711 - SUBSCRIBER - June 27, 2021, 09:58:57

People from the server Ilyzaelle are probably familiar how CANCEROUS it is to get fuji snowfoux. I myself spent over 30 hours camping for her in the span of 48 hours to be able to kill her and the first day i missed her (my heart broke) and the second day i think she just did not spawn lol (cuz it was over 24 hours since her death..). That got me thinking it is worth presenting my idea to the developers to solve this problem and make this bounty more managable. Her respawn time is not the usual 3-9hours (or something like that) like the other bounties. I thought it was 12-24, but i am questioning this too now as it might be even longer.
I will be honest, i was furious when i did not get the bounty... I don't think i've ever said "i want to quit" and mean it as much as i did last night (or this morning...). I feel like a game should not cause so much anger and frustration in players. Therefore my suggestion to make the bounty a lot easier to access without affecting her current effects on the snowfoux invasion is to make Fuji snowfoux available for a legendary hunt. The map can take 5 fragments similar to Anatak who is almost the same level. This way there will be no changes made to the game itself, only thing that will be added is a legendary hunt for another bounty that will, if not solve, help the situation tremendiously. 
I hope my suggestion is acceptable to the devs and hopefully it offers an easy fix of the situation.

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