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Adding more quality-of-life to buying ingredients for crafting recipes.

By Roumo#4013 - SUBSCRIBER - July 17, 2021, 07:23:07

Thanks Lost-Worldz#5344 for pointing out some life-changing info haha.

I'd like to suggest, in addition to already being able to open an item's recipe and click on the ingredients to display them in the market (when both panels are open), that you can also click on the ingredients in the profession panel to get the same result.

I'd also like to recommend adding the option to display all ingredients at once in the market that you need for a particular recipe.

While these won't be life-changing, I think they would be nice quality-of-life features that make crafting just a little more streamline and convenient.

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If you have the recipe and market open at the same time, the market auto-selects the resource when you click on it in the recipe tongue

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Whaaaaaaat are you serious? I swear I have even tried this haha. I'll try again once maintenance is over. @[email protected] Thanks for the heads up and I'll adjust my suggestion if I need to!!

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