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Make the "Rebellious Dagon" in the Bethel Akarna boss fight controllable

By nietbeschikbaar#9731 - SUBSCRIBER - July 30, 2021, 22:23:32

In Bethel's Tower, you're supposed to let Bethel get killed by a summon called "Rebellious Dagon" that you get once you destroy his Monolith. The big problem with this is that the Dagon's AI is horrendously stupid and will often attack Invulnerable statues instead of attacking Bethel, which is the summon's only real purpose. I think anyone who has recently tried this dungeon can attest to how frustrating this is; it's easy to lose a fight simply because of the bad Dagon AI.

To fix this, it would be nice to make Rebellious Dagon a controlled summon, similar to how Queen Amirukam is controllable in Orukam's Memory. This would completely solve the current problem since the player won't be at the mercy of the AI's decisions anymore. 

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