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More Daily quests at endgame for kama rewards

By Zargabanth#9067 - SUBSCRIBER - August 03, 2021, 20:06:39

Hey, I was thinking it would be nice to have more daily quests that offer kama rewards like the Sufokia dailies, Almanax daily and the Frigost 3 monster kill quests.

To allow players to save up kamas through the game system by playing in specific zones rather then having to rely on luck of sales.
It would also give players who have completed a large part of the game extra PvM content.

Although not too many more, I realize a lot of players have many alts. At the same time if players want to put in the time to do quests, then I don't see why not.
I feel other quests, such as the ones in breeder village take too long to be worth the kama rewards. The Easter and Christmas events offer a nice selection of dailies but only happen at certain times of the year.

The dailies could even be story related, inspired by the short stories posted on the News to correlate with the Dofus and Wakfu universe.

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I'm not saying that this is a bad idea, just personally I'm opposed to it. There are too many dailies in the game already IMO.

Also I'd say you don't really need any more new ways of generating kamas in the game. The amount of kamas generated by achievements alone feels much larger than the kamas sinks in the game (zaap costs, bank costs, etc). By adding more ways of generating kamas you wouldn't necessarily become richer, just increase inflation in the game.

Ultimately this would depend on the data Ankama (hopefully) has. If the kama sinks total is larger/equal/only a percent or two lower than kama generating mechanisms total, then new ways of generating kamas should/could be added.

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I feel currently the dailies present in the game provide a very low amount of kamas vs the effort/time it takes to complete the quests. Especially the lower level quests.

Concerning quests and achievement rewards, In my opinion I've spent more paying for mats/bread/gear then what the kama rewards offer and once they are already complete there is nothing else to do at endgame other then do the dailies remaining, pvp or wait for new content.
Inflation would only occur if everyone did the quests, although not everyone enjoys questing and then there is the bank and zaap costs to think about.

It would also be very bias to base the games economy on the overall wealth of the server, when not everyone plays the game with honest intentions to play the game through questing or dungeons and not only rely on % off buying.


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