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Cra needs a revamp and some love, Why?

By AIRDRAGON#2797 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 18, 2022, 13:50:20
Cra needs a revamp and some love, Why?  

First off I'll say I've been a Cra for over 6 years and I've really enjoyed the class. However when it comes to game play in PvM and PvP it really is struggling. I've played PvP and PvM with different sets and from what I can tell it's not the gear or the skill level that is making Cra fall behind but rather it's role and It's abilities. Don't get me wrong, Cra is a nice class but there are some serious issues with this class. (Wasn't sure where to put this, whether under Class discussion's or here.) Now onto my point's.

Cra as a class is always known as Cra's Range but as time has passed newer and better range options have come into the game. As a result Cra's are more and more seen as a purely PvM class.
Of course there are those that insist that Cra's are still relevant in PvP. And can use Str (arrow of judgement) or Intel (Tyrannical) set's. Sure those are good to some extent, but both builds can be played at medium range or even close combat. We are no longer the Range class.
Look at the better options:
Eliotrope's Portal: Eliotrope's can hold their own in any fight, effectively control the map and save allies, heal allies and do burst damage's rivaling Cra's, all while farther than any Cra. They have way better mechanics: they can self heal very well and are versatile, can switch from one end of a map to the other. They can literally solo hard content and do things Cra's just cannot.

Enutrof's Fingers: Enutrofs are also very good with long range spells incredible debuffs and buffs just like Cra's. They are especially skilled at keeping far away and most of their spells are 8 range with modifiable making it 14 range. They self heal amazingly well and can heal others well. Their damage output has recently gone way up with their class buff.

Feca's Shield: Feca's are a mixed bag but can debuff better, tank better and can hit with their chance kit from 8-9 range + modifiable 14-15 range. Debuffs in AP reduction are far stronger than Cra's especially with the latest set of nerfs to AP reduction on Cra.

Sadidas Shoe: Sadi's basically have infinite range on certain spells. They debuff better, heal better and damage very high in many elements. Some skill may be required but I learned the class in 2 days so it's not really that hard to play these "complicated" classes. There are more I haven't even mentioned that have great range but also have other roles. Range is no longer a role! 

My point

My point is that Cra's are no longer the kings of range. Most of our kit is old and has never been fully changed to be coherent. Our AP reduction kit is split between water and fire builds, MP reduction between earth and water builds. So many classes have a coherent direction for each element. Cra really is suffering from not having this. Furthermore we really aren't the kings of PvM either as PvM has really shifted towards melee combat. Which is why Ankama changed many spells in Cra to be good in melee but that's basically a paradox because we are called Cra's Range.Cra requires a revamp very seriously. Currently in PvP if you are a cra your team will kill you just to avoid the pain of a time consuming losing fight. This is a major issue and prevents many Cra's from participating in and enjoying Kolo like most classes can. Literally every class is good in something/useful for something in PvP. Cra's have range when PvP is basically a slugfest in melee. A cra cannot help his team if he can't jump into the fray fully. Or he risks hitting allies or not being close enough to assist in killing a targeted enemy.

My suggestions

I suggest a few key thing's, that I personally believe Cra need's, to thrive again in PvP and PvM.
  1. Limit damage spell's to 3 for each element. This allows newer combo abilities to be created. Such as an omni damage spell or new spell's that can make our current kit stronger.
  2. Give each element it's own role. Earth for MP Reduction, Fire for Heal/Steal's, Water for AP Reduction and Wind for mobility and map control.
  3. Create a spell that really set's us apart from the other classes and is the core to our build no matter what element a Cra is. ( I make an attempt at trying to create that further down.)
  4. Change us from simply being Cra's Range to Cra's Hunters. This redefines the class and gives any future rebalances/buffs/nerfs something to focus on to bring us closer to our role.
  5. Give Cra's some complexity so others can't read through us so easily in PvP. Biggest annoyance is when you have what you will do next turn planned out say Punitive is charged and you have all buffs on. Sadi can fully unbew everything and restrict us. Hupper can combo air/water to reduce our damage. In general any class that locks us into melee effectively beats us. This is too massive a weakness to me. No other class has such a simple strategy for shutting them down. For example: If you want to beat a fogger by locking him down against a wall, it is basically impossible, when they have turrets to use grapnel on or use tide on a cawwot. Not to mention sonar or the serious pushback damage they can do if they are PB mode and using spyglass state. They have weaknesses but they aren't useless against them. Put a cra in the same situation, he only has dispersal with a cooldown, concentration arrow on a cawwot or summon but has minimum range limitations or use tp turret but lose damage and it can be killed or others can get next to it to relock us and while we can do pushback we can't use tyrannical arrow in melee since it has 2 range minimum. We can use reprisal but since the nerf it is effectively useless if the enemy is already in melee not to mention the low range it has on a class with Range as it's role. See the problem?
  6. We have no shielding, no self heals only HP steal which has minimum range and can be reduced to low amounts with high wind resists. Our turrets are nice and handy but using them destroys our damage output. No other class is taking this kind of L right now. Iop certainly needs more balancing and changes to be better but after the recent buff it's doing quite well in everything. Sram could use more range with fire build kit but they do just fine in everything too.

How Cra could be changed and what that looks like

I have a few idea's for what Cra as a class needs to be better. As I mentioned before Cra's role would be changed to that of a hunter. How does a hunter work? Typically fantasy hunters especially hunters using longer range weaponry like bows slowly and skillfully destroy their target. They wear it out with a chase and then once the prey is tired they finish it off. How does this look in Dofus? Ouginak currently holds this kind of role because of their spell Prey. However they hold other roles as well so this isn't something exclusive to ougi. I'm going to borrow a bit from Prey. Here is my proposal.

  1. A new spell is created called Friend or Foe. This new spell has these major functions: It can be cast turn 1 from 8 range non modifiable. It goes through walls. This spell last's for 4 turn's and has a 6 turn cooldown. It's primary function is to increase damage with each hit from all 4 element's or the same element used 4 turns in a row. These cannot be done in one turn but instead is done over four turns. 1 turn for every element or same element. For example: Turn 1 you cast Friend or Foe and then hit in fire damage. That gives you a buff of 5% final damage for ONLY the first hit in intel and last's four turns. Turn 2 you buff your damage as normal and hit in wind damage on that same enemy you gain another 5% final damage. In other words after four turns and complete hitting in all 4 elements or the same element you gain 20% final for 1 turn on that 1 enemy. I feel this is balanced or can be tweaked later on with your suggestions.
  2. If you cast this on an ally it allows you to use normal damage attacks to do many things. Such as hit 1 ally in fire and heal him for 7% his HP and a different fire spell heals based on intelligence and heals and has Aoe like in paralysing arrow which damages enemies while healing the ally. Using an agi spell on an ally boosts MP . Then agi spell 2 boost's dodge/lock and so on. Basically this allows the Cra to choose what role he wants. If the team has good support he can focus on massive punishing damage on the main enemy target and ally's who hit that target hit more like the target is vulned or has his resists lowered basically. Or if the Cra should become a support he can while still hitting decently.
  3. The other idea I had for Friend or Foe was that when used on an enemy you gain buffs based on the element you hit from. For example hit in wind and gain 50 dodge and target loses lock, hit in earth and you gain 20 MP reduction while the target loses MP parry, hit in fire and you reduce the target's heals by 25% while you gain an increase in healing by 15%, hit in water and you gain 20 AP reduction while the target loses AP parry all of these are non stackable and can only gain 1 of these boosts a turn and they last 1 turn. I'm not sure how over powered these ideas are so please give me some feedback!


So in summary:
  1. We discussed and identified why Cra is falling behind other classes. (It really is.)
  2. We discussed that Cra is no longer the best range class. (True in every sense.)
  3. We discussed why Cra's Range role no longer fit's and how a role switch to Cra's Hunter is in order and why it works.
  4. We discussed the big weaknesses the current meta exploits in Cra's in PvP and PvM, that being melee. And why Cra needs better ways to avoid that weakness so it's not too strong.
  5. We discussed element efficiency and why Cra needs it. (One element for a role. Ex: Earth for MP reduction, Water for AP reduction.)
  6. We discussed what possible spells could bring Cra back to life in PvM and PvP and why changes that focus on Cra's range are not helping the class.
  7. We discussed possible balanced approaches to the new spell Friend or Foe that would redefine Cra as a whole.

I hope this has helped some to see why Cra is really falling behind and why a full revamp could revitalize Cra.

There are heaps of stuff I didn't speak on such as:
  1. Combining spells that buff.
  2. What kind of spells should be created for the 3 damage spells for each element.
  3. What thing's are currently broken on Cra's and needs rebalancing (Ex: Like highest damage boost [70], Only critical buff [14%] and why other classes should get some of these kinds of buffs.
  4. How to change the charge spell's dynamic (Punitive, Atonement and Devouring.) And why charge attacks that have long wait times are bad compared to instant damage like Arrow of Judgment.
  5. How to fix the major weaknesses Cra's have in Melee.

Please comment in a way that is constructive to the goal.
That is to make Cra's balanced but good. Please don't argue to me about well I'm X class and got beaten by Cra. Experience does not equal competence. You may have experienced losses by a Cra but it does not mean that Cra is over powered or too strong, it only means that is your experience.
Please give me ideas that are not broken but sensible and balanced.

Thank You! - Aerafal (Server: Echo, Class: Cra)

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A rework that should be looked into is the cra's beacons. I have thought for a long time that Recall-Beacon should be placed and then later activated by using the spell again, to give the player a choise on when to use this recall.

And with Tactical-Beacon you could speculate for an eternity on how to make it expand the cra's spells, however making this all balanced would take an expert.
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They should remove idols from the game , it destroyed so many team comps , now you are forced to play either full melee or full range which is so dumb in my opinion.
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