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Improve the marketplace

By Druavn1532#5331 - SUBSCRIBER - April 25, 2022, 18:28:51
It would be a huge QoL improvement to the marketplace if we could place an uneven amount of items for sale instead of the current 1x, 10x, 100x stacks. I realy don't understand why this even is a thing. Its so tedious to place say for example 987 of an item because you have to make a total of 24 sell orders to sell them all. And then someone will come along and undercut you and you have to change the price of them all again! Instead of just having one sell order of 987 items sad

Also being able to place buy orders would also have a positive impact on the economy, but i understand that it would demand more resources from ankama.
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I think that is a bit of a hard one to implement. The 1,10,100 is fine as is but I do think that 1,000 should be added to that. Along with faster load times/less lag when using the interface would be amazing. But we won't see that until unity.

In addition to your suggestion I think it would really benefit the economy if we had auctions as well.
An auction house could be built somewhere in each city or in a central location.
The basic's of it are pretty easy to figure out.

You put an item in the auction from the auction interface, select blind auction or normal auction (blind auction the buyers cannot see other buy offers, normal auction they can.) Then select the price you are looking for (the buyers won't see this) and then the minimum raise (raise by 200kk for instance.) The auction would require that at least 3 people are interested or it won't start.
After the item has been auctioned off you are taxed based on the money you made.

Market's are pretty dead lately so it's hard to sell stuff as a result % off buyers are on the rise.
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The only thing I would like is the ability to keep buying the resource with X amount of money until it reaches X price. It would be nice to be able to buy a ton of 1's or 10's of resources.

I once bought 360+ ores and I had to click "yes accept the new price" over 150+ times. I did it as a test. 
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Yeah I agree that this will have to wait for Unity release unfortunately.
Wakfu has a system where you put up a stack for sale and set bundle size (1/10/100) so you can sell, for example, 57 in singles as just one listing. This would solve the problem of putting uneven large numbers on the market. Technically you can do that in Dofus in merchant mode, however its not that great as people gotta physically walk to your merchant to buy stuff from you.
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