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Please, do increase nr max or players in a guild for multiaccounting servers ... Pretty please???!!!

By bohemia#2044 - SUBSCRIBER - April 26, 2022, 09:28:43
Please, do increase nr max or players in a guild for multiaccounting servers; the "old" max limits are okay for monoservers, or they were ok when most people used to have just an account or two, and maybe an alt or two.

Now, on multiaccounting servers, most people have at least 4 accounts, and on them, a whole bunch of alts.

And some, for the convenience of not having to follow 2372379283 /g chats, while some just cuz they like a certain guild, prefer to add, if possible, all their characters, mains and alts, from all accounts, to a same guild.

More explanations on this here:  .

Cuz of the infinitesimal max limit that is currently being in use, my guild can not even host 50 people, lol, since max members is 210 currently, and most of them have more accounts, many with a few alts on each.

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I think this is a fair point, but I can't see this happening until after unity implementation and the grand overall improvements that will bring. I'll be honest another feature I would love to see would be improvements to the perc in perc fights. For instance invulnerable until the ally team has died.

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Well? Any thoughts on this, dearest Ankama?
Is this proposal even being considered, for multi-log servers?

PS: Most of my guildies have most, if not all characters in guild, that makes my guild having a quite limited amount of people. Not that I complain much about it, they're all lovely and wonderful wub , but ... I tend to "collect" new or returning players, and often I am out of space for them. mellow
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