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Ensure that players can confirm all transactions with NPCs

By Nazarbayev#6797 - SUBSCRIBER - May 01, 2022, 21:46:32

I know that most transactions require trade confirmation, and remember the days when they did not (resulting in my feeding a rare fish to a DTfear), but not all. For example, while doing a daily quest on Fleaster Island today, I accidentally clicked on "Use 20 Praline coupons" when passing the NPC called Fleestra, instead of the above choice to get the free candy. I must say that personally I find the Fleaster quests to be the most onerous and annoying of all holiday quests, and actually just stopped doing them two years ago. But, I decided this time to do them all. Getting coupons is annoying and time consuming, so losing 20 of them is like a kick to the nether parts. If a trade confirmation had appeared, I certainly would have caught the misclick before any damage was done. I also know that this is not the only situation in which a player can accidentally give up something to an NPC, though I cannot recall the others at the moment. The point is that: Every trade, whether of kamas or tokens (or indeed any other exchangeable item), needs to have a pop-up or time sensitive confirmation, so please review all trading NPCs for their confirmation status. Thank you.

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