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1v1 duel

By MartinPower#7055 - SUBSCRIBER - May 04, 2022, 00:46:38

Make the maps smaller. When I need 4 turns to hit a cra, while the cra hit me every turn, your game is broken.

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If the maps are smaller, then what will be the point of a having a long range class like a Cra? 

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I just went 3 matches in a row, where I did not hit my opponent once. 2 cras and an eca. They just hit me, and push me back then run away.

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Two things I'd suggest to git better.

1. Don't 1v1 against classes that have advantage in 1v1. The class balance was calibrated with team roles in mind so there are classes that excel in 1v1 but are balanced in 3v3 or more.

2. If you can't beat them, join them. Try playing as a cra or eca. That might improve your chances. At the very least, you'd discover their weakness.

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Level 200 hupper can't reach a cra? I'd suggest you focus on 3v3. Cra isn't broken just very annoying on big maps. Eliotrope is probably the most annoying on big maps though. As a hupper you should focus on getting in close early and locking the cra. Hupper has plenty of tools to do that. Changing maps affects all classes. It's a bit shortsighted to affect everyone for your lack of experience, no offense meant.

P.S: If you are needing more direct advice, use creation and journey vs cra.

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