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Delegate loot option

By Dadiriz#3790 - SUBSCRIBER - June 06, 2022, 01:06:11

Would it be possible to implement a feature where the group leader would be given the option to chose someone (or themselves) where the loot of everyone involved in the battle would be going for that person automatically when the combat ends? This would help a lot people who level others in exchange for items and prevent scammers from running away with the loot after it's done

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Don't level up stranger and you won't be scammed. If you only level up friend and he scammed you, then he lose something more important that those items. These also applies in real life.

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Yeah...I can see this going bad in the other direction. What if this was a thing, you joined a group with a friend who was leader and your friend decided to give all of the loot to themselves? If you are getting scammed by someone taking loot then you should probably not be playing with them.

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