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pvp needs to be reworked entirely.

By Sinon-Aszalee#9025 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 09, 2022, 00:00:44

I don't think it's a fun or sustainable idea to have players spend an eternity mindlessly grinding a character to the extremely unreasonably high barrier to entry for pvp in this game. even if you manage to get a level 200 character with ridiculous exo mages and just plain unfair rolls on your gear, the game becomes largely dependent on who has the best gear. only in a scenario where every single player has equally maxed out and retarded overpowered gear can they experienced balanced pvp, because at least then, everyone is overpowered. why is competitive pvp strictly limited to ONLY extremely hardcore players? 

as a tactics mmo you would think pvp would be one of this game's strengths, but it's actually horrible. if you want my suggestion, you should create some sort of competitively viable medium for allowing players to fight each other on equal footing without exo mages or random rolls on gear. without some serious enforcement of balance, pvp in this game is just a matter of who has the bigger numbers unless you're at the very tippy top of the player spectrum. I don't see myself ever getting to 200 and I don't see myself ever obtaining the gear required to pvp at that level because it's frankly an insurmountable task that would require a thousand hours of investment before it pays off. nothing is worth that much hassle. until these balance issues regarding pvp are solved I have absolutely no interest in playing this game. it would be interesting if dofus just had a level 100 format where you have access to all the gear in the game with fixed stats, that would certainly attract me to play the game. but as it is now, no way in hell I am returning to this game. sorry. pvp has no redeeming qualities at the moment. obnoxiously unattractive from my perspective.

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This exists, it is called KTA - everyone has all the gear and all the classes, it is skill that determines everything 

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Does it exist for everyone?

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Gunnerwolfang #2406|2022-06-11 18:11:41Existe para todos?


I don't know why so much concern, ankama killed the competitive server excluding amateur tournaments (its rewards). Now all the PvP that motivates us to have something is going KTA on the tournament server, that is, our optis items are useless (or we can go to the koliseu to win chips smile )
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KTA is 3v3 on tournament server and while I don't participate it looks pretty good and seems to provide the level playing field that dofus pvp needs.

Unfortunately, in game pvp is what I think OP is lamenting and those concerns are pretty valid. Level 200 pvp in game really does have a high barrier to entry and the community surrounding it can be extremely toxic (at least this has been my experience as well from just merely observing what goes on). And I don't think OP and I are the only ones that share the sentiment expressed here as I know quite a few players that absolutely can't stand endgame PVP.

I don't really know what the solution to these problems are as it's probably due to player mindset more than anything else but player mindsets develop as a result of developer choices and can be molded by changes in game. Perhaps there are small steps Ankama can take that make in game pvp more open, accessible, fair and which foster a less toxic environment.

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